Guru Maharaj: The material world is such that even without you wanting it there will be some kind of problems. Maybe family, maybe health, maybe in laws, maybe other living entities, natural problems, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms. So we don’t want to stay eternally in this material world. We want to take shelter of Krishna. So it is not that we can solve all the problems but we should learn how to manage the problems, and not get upset, if there are some problems. Because that is the nature of the material world, that there are problems. So if we are fixed in serving Krishna, then He promises to give us intelligence, how to serve Him. So we can take the proper guidance to get over our family problems or to manage them. Prabhupad, he told that sanyasis should not deal with family problems. In fact, even though he was a grihastha earlier, he would send his disciples to talk to some senior grihastha god brothers. In Mayapur we have some grihasthas that have a good track record for grihastha counselling, so if you need I can refer you.

17th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India