Guru Maharaj: I see that Keya Rāṇī is sometimes asking questions, I appreciate your attendance to the class. If you meditate on the spiritual pastime of Māyāpur, how Lord Caitanya, He did His various pastimes here, that is ideal. Māyāpur is the holy Dhāma, but I don’t know what you are remembering. If you remember the Ganges or some holy places, or the Deities, then that is very spiritual. If you are remembering the tea stalls, that is something material, that is not so auspicious. They are on the crust of the Dhāma, they are not actually part of the Dhāma. So, I think you are remembering the holy aspects of the Dhāma, and certainly there is nothing wrong with that.
06-Aug-2020 Śrīdhām Māyāpur, India