Guru Maharaj: There are some people that chant Hare Krsna for money. And one devotee told me that before he used to be a professional mrdanga player for a kirtana group, but later became a pure devotee. He mentioned when he was playing a mrdanga he had two hour shifts, he was thinking when can I end my two hours shift and smoke a beedi.  Although the whole time they will show like crying, like bhakti but actually it was a show. But actually when he became a real devotee, then he realized how much this is false. So like that if we listen to the professional singers, we get cheated. We don’t actually get spiritual benefit. Maybe pious, if we remember Krsna. But if we hear from a pure devotee, then that will actually change our heart.
26-Oct-2020  Sridham Mayapur, India