Guru Maharaj: I don’t know why you should be feeling that chanting is mechanical. Many devotees have told me that because of this pandemic, they are able to preach much more! Using the internet, they are giving classes with hundreds of people, thousands of people, dozens of people. So if you try preaching, that should make your chanting, your reading, more inspired. And you can be a member of the Twitter account I have and see what activities I do everyday. I would only give sometimes one class a day, before. Now, some days I give six classes!! Meetings, classes, today there should be at least this morning class, meeting with brahmacaris, Mayapur Administrative Council meeting, and then in the afternoon, there should be three classes. One class, one Caitanya Lila class, and then finally a meeting at 8.30 pm on Zoom. So, and in between, emails, and other services, chanting japa, no time for being mechanical!