Jayapataka Swami:  As I said before, in his professional life or service for the government, he was very efficient and responsible. So for that reason the British, they were happy with him. At the same time, to the Bengalis, he preached Krsna consciousness. Like that some of our devotees work in the Middle East, they used to do their work very good, very nicely, very responsibly, but in their free time, they also preach to their fellow expatriates. So like that, you see since our method is based on the Vedas, for the Indians, they shouldn’t have a problem, since they are supposed to accept the Vedas. For others, we have to be  a little more tactful. But we can learn from Srila Prabhupada, he presented that this was a very authorized system. And so in that way, he convinced people. And also they experienced the happiness. So even if there are some obstacles – Lord Caitanya faced obstacles. There were many atheists and nonbelievers, they put different obstacles up. So in one sense, one time Lord Caitanya did civil disobedience to the Cand Kazi, and depending on the situation, the time and the place, He would use different methods. So BIracandra, the son of Lord Nityananda, he was arrested by the Nawab of Bengal. The nawab’s sister was crazy. He said, can you cure her? And he said, yes. The Nawab said if you cure her, I will release you. If you don’t cure her I will kill you. And he cured her. I don’t think we face such challenges! Such difficulties! So if we have some person like – Lord Caitanya when He did kirtana, even the nonbelievers, the atheists when they saw His kirtana, their hearts melted, they started dancing and chanting. And some of them rolled on the ground! So Lord Caitanya had that power! Now when He went in the Jarikanda forest, the animals, the tigers and the deer, they were all chanting and they were kissing each other. All had love. So, Srila Prabhupada said, this is possible for Lord Caitanya, but maybe not for us! We cannot go to a tiger and say, please chant Hare Krsna! He may eat us! But SrilaPrabhupada was saying, at least we should get the humans to chant! We saw how big protests are going around the world recently, against racism. But actually the human beings are killing animals. Billions of animals are killed every day and this present pandemic comes from the animals. Because we are mistreating animals, the disease jumped from the animals to the human beings. About 8 to 9 million people are affected. 460 thousand something are dead. And there is no end in sight. So people should chant the holy name and pray to Krsna that please forgive us for our offence. Just try to please Krsna, in that way, it will change the whole world!