Guru Maharaj: What can I say now? Why he did not go to Bangladesh? Why did he go to America? But this is certain that he loved the Bangladesh devotees a lot. Now in 2012 he said, he wanted to go back to Srila Prabhupada. In 2020 he went. If he had stayed on he would definitely have gone to Bangladesh. Why did he leave? That is Krsna’s will and Krsna’s plan. But he had prayed to Srila Prabhupada that he wanted to go. Now after this prayer he stayed for eight years with us. But if anyone asks, why did he go I don’t have an answer. But that he wanted that all the Bangladesh devotees to be Krsna conscious, is certain. I wished he stayed and preached in Bangladesh. One GBC member said, I am angry with him, how could he have left us and gone this way? We are very sad. But we don’t know Krsna’s desire, we have to accept it. Sastras say that whatever Krsna does, is for the good. And Haridasa Thakura he had got beaten in 22 market places. And Jesus Christ was crucified. Prahlada maharaj also had to bear so many atrocities by Hiranyakashipu. The Pandavas had to bear many atrocities and Bhismadeva said that no ordinary person could have stayed alive after going through such atrocities. But you were protected by dharma and the Lord. Anyway, devotees face a lot of obstacles, but in the future they are protected. In front of us, Bhakti Caru Swami left very fast. I did not want that he should leave so fast. I had offered prayers, many yagnas that if Krsna desired, he would stay on. But the prayer that he had made that he wanted to go back to Srila Prabhupada, on seeing that I was taken aback. Now, it was our good fortune that we had his association for so long.