Guru Maharaj: Lord Caitanya advised that we should do yukta vairagya. Everything we do, we do as an offering to Krishna. So, ideally the wife can marry a devotee of Krishna. Just by assisting him, she is directly doing devotional service. If she is not so fortunate to have a devotee, she can also try to bring up her children in Krishna consciousness. She can offer bhoga to the deities and take prasadam and give prasadam to the family. There are different ways one can engage in devotional service. I had the good fortune of visiting many grihasta families, seeing how they have deities, how they are offering the bhoga, offering arati to the deities. Some people have picture altars, some have deities. So, we are seeing how the families are spreading Krishna consciousness, how they are practicing. This is the way that one can achieve success in this lifetime.