Guru Maharaj: This happened with regard to Srila Prabhupada. Bhakti Caru Maharaj was a very gentlemanly person and very soft hearted. Could he have gone in front of the devotees? It was his wish, and also Krsna took this opportunity and took him away. I had prayed to Krsna that if he stayed on this earth, it would have been very good for us. But maybe as per maharaj’s wishes, Krsna wanted him to come. He had wanted to come for the Panihati festival. But flight had got cancelled, otherwise he would have come. If he had gone, then maybe we would have had him still! There is a danger, if we wish and pray to Krsna to go back, then Krsna will fulfill that desire one day or other. So that is why whatever you pray for from Krsna should be pure devotion and nothing else. Any way, he had wanted to serve his Gurudev Prabhupada, that is pure devotion. But what is our situation? Ha! Any way, He was 75 years old. He should not have taken the risk in the midst of this pandemic and traveled. Why did he go? There all the devotees had requested him not to travel. But he did not listen. Would he have listened to me? But nobody thought of telling me. So anyway, now when he left it was lunar eclipse and we normally do not travel during lunar eclipse. Disciples said, it is lunar eclipse, please do not go. But in spite of that he went. What should I say? When I heard this I could not sleep that night. I felt that Krsna definitely had a plan and was calling him. Now all of us have to go one day or other. This way, we have to do service to him, very importantly. This way serving him, he will definitely give you mercy. Maybe he will come in a dream or in some other way, he will assist you. Srila Prabhupada desired that there be something happening in Panihati and he acquired a place in Panihati for Srila Prabhupada and started a program there. You are all doing service, it is very good.