Jayapataka Swami: Since Krsna is a person, and it states both in Siksastakam and others that there is no hard and fast rule for chanting the holy name. Since the Bengali alphabet is the short a is pronounced as ao and long A is aaaa. So when I was taught Bengali, the man would say, A for ao and dirga Aaaaaa.Short, ii and dirga iiiii But in Hindi and Sanskrit, the A is a and aaa same sound, just shorter and long a but in Bengali it is aooo and aaaaa. It is not o it is aoo. So Haore Krsna. In Sanskrit they say Hare Krsna. In Chinese they cannot pronounce r so they say Hale Klsna, but after practice they can chant better. So like that Krsna is a person. He knows what you are trying to say. And I don’t think there is a big difference to say Hare Krsna. Just like if a child says mamma, baba, the mother knows, he is calling me. The father knows he is calling me! Even if they don’t pronounce mother, father, they say, Maaa baba. So like that Krsna will understand. I don’t think it is a big difference. I don’t know what the Russian accent is! Ha! Ha! Hare Kriiisna!