Jayapataka Swami: Even if one has many obstacles, how can one still preach? You see, obstacles, we expect in the material world. And if there are no obstacles, then we will have less service. So even if there are obstacles, we still try to give Krsna. And there may be obstacles that, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! So if one is shaky, then naturally if there is some obstacle, they lose their determination. But if one is TOUGH, obstacles, so what! Lord Nityananda was beaten by Madhai, blood was pouring from His forehead. Because you caused Me to bleed, does that mean I won’t give you love of Godhead? So if there are obstacles or no obstacles, we still are determined to give out Krsna. And if there were no obstacles, then Krsna wouldn’t say that those who preach are the dearest to Him in this world! Because the devotees face obstacles therefore Krsna is very appreciative of the devotees,for spreading Krsna consciousness. And when it is more difficult, Krsna gives more mercy.