Guru Maharaj: There is no higher atonement than Krishna consciousness. So if one makes a mistake, then the best remedial method is serving Krishna. So, if you make mistakes, then you should be more diligent actually, at serving. The point is that, one should not make sense gratification the goal of our life. When we have senses, there will be some sense of pleasure and some suffering. So Krishna explains that, you regulate the activities. Just like you take prasadam, just like we have married life, try to produce Krishna conscious children. Different activities are regulated. But the goal is not sense gratification, the goal is to please Krishna. This world unfortunately is beginning, middle and end is sense gratification. They don’t understand anything about Krishna in most cases. Even if they are God conscious, they pray to God to give them some material gratification. But we should rather want to serve the Lord. Well, it is expected that you will make some mistakes. That is why we should be more careful, after making mistakes, to practice more sincerely. Just like a child learning how to walk. Naturally they fall down a few times, but eventually they learn to walk, run, everything. Hare Krishna! Thank you!