Guru Maharaj: We know that this pandemic is due to breaking the laws of nature, breaking the laws of God. Therefore, different things will happen to people. Therefore, we should be very careful. And we should encourage all the people to chant the names of Krsna. I don’t see what the problem when you say fixed in devotional service on negativity. Negativity should inspire us to be more fixed. The devas pray to Krsna, that the problem is that we have so much sense gratification, that we forget to worship You. In hell they have too much suffering and heaven too much sense gratification. So here we have a little balance some happiness, some sense gratification, and some suffering. So we use the negativity as an inspiration to serve Krsna. If there is always happiness there is also problem. Then we may think that this material world is not so bad, stay here.  26-Oct-2020  Sridham Mayapur, India