Guru Maharaj: I don’t know why you don’t take grains during Purushottam month? You should take Kṛiṣhṇa prasādam during the Purushottam month. But if one is only taking fruit, on Ekādaśī, you can do a complete fast. This Ekadashi is especially powerful and the first Ekadashi in the light moon is special for the grihastas. In the second half, dark moon Ekadashi is for the yogis. I don’t think you have to observe only taking fruit for the whole month. That is an extreme vow observance. And if you have to work, then you need some energy. So there is no such option, but I think that the vairāgīs do that. It is not particularly prescribed. What is prescribed is that one should be a vegetarian, eat Kṛṣṇa prasādam. And the fast is on Ekadashi, if you want to fast. First Ekadashi is called Kamika Ekadashi and that is when Kamadevi, Lakṣmī appeared to someone and gave him special mercy.