Guru Maharaj: In the four months of the caturmāsya, we observe four fasts. First month, no spinach or leafy vegetables, no cooked leafy vegetables, second month no yogurt, third month no milk and fourth month no urad dal. But fourth month for the non devotees they should be vegetarian. But for the devotees since we are already vegetarian, we don’t take urad-dal which is high protein. And for the last five days, from Ekādaśī to Pūrṇimā, we observe the Bhīṣma-pañcaka, and there are three levels of fasting. We will announce that before Bhīṣma-pañcaka. Here we have many devotees who do the Bhīṣma-pañcaka, and part of it is, to offer special prayers to the Ganges for Bhīṣmadeva who is the son of the Ganges. But most devotees do the fruits and roots, and some devotees do the haviṣyānna. And other devotees do the pañca-gavyā. That’s very difficult. As I said, most people do the fruits and roots. Since that is high sugar, those who have blood sugar, take haviṣyānna.