Guru Maharaj: Nirbhaya Nityananda das, so your name mean, you have no fear. But Lord Nityananda was very merciful. So, like that if you say one way and they are not accepting, then repeating it again and again will not produce the result. It did not produce the result even when you said once. Then you have to think of some new ways. Like, recently I went to some program for the children. They said Purusottama month challenge. And they had different children participate. So, in this way, we challenge, sometimes we debate, sometime we use different tactics. Just like I tell some wives to tell their husbands if they were not Krishna conscious, dear husband, please can you help me understand this verse? Because the man may be very macho, puffed up! So the lady using her female intelligence, she may understand the verse, but she tells the husband, can you help me understand this? So he says I am a man, and he looks at the book! So this way she tricks him to read the book! So what means you use to trick people, to get them to chant, read, that is something that you have to think a bit out of the box. Haribol!