Jayapataka Swami:  Well, we have to tune in for the further discussion between Lord Caitanya and the Chand Kazi. Lord Caitanya brought up some challenging points and finally the Kazi accepted defeat. So unfortunately, these brāhmaṇas who are atheists, they don’t come and discuss with Lord Caitanya, and if they did, they could also be convinced. But instead they like to criticize and offend from a distance. Similarly, Cāpāla Gopāla he was brāhmaṇa who criticized Lord Caitanya and Śrīvasa Ṭhākura. Because of his offence to Śrīvasa, he got leprosy. He prayed to Lord Caitanya for His mercy, and Lord Caitanya said, you have to get forgiven from Śrīvasa, for your offence to him. So, he asked Śrīvasa to forgive him,and Śrīvasa forgave him and he was accepted by Lord Caitanya. It is not that brāhmaṇas cannot be accepted by Lord Caitanya,who were offensive in the beginning, they also became repentant, and got forgiven for their offence, they were accepted by Lord Caitanya. He embraced Cāpāla Gopāla, once he was forgiven by Śrīvasa.