Guru maharaj: Obviously, this is a specific issue and without knowing the details, it is hard to say. I don’t want to be quoted, that oh, gurudev told me to go to the court, since I don’t know the details. Generally, we try to exhaust all the possibilities of mediation and arbitration and everything, then only when there is no choice, we think about going to the court. Court is also very – like some of our devotees were sitting in the court they were getting bitten by the bugs in the wooden benches, sucking their blood. So some lawyer said you can put down the legal paper and sit on them. All the lawyers were reincarnated as bug!. So they could suck blood, but they respect the legal papers and they won’t bite you if you sit on the legal papers! Ha! Ha! So going to court is also very time consuming and expensive option. So we have to take the proper guidance whether such an adventure will be worth the time and energy. Better to worship Radha and Krishna. Jai Radhe! I am looking at Radharani. Haribol! Radha Madhava Lalita, Vishakha! Champakalata, Chitradevi and Tungavidya, Vishakha, Rangadevi, Sudevi! Haribol! Giriraj! Haribol!

6th February 2019
Chennai, India