Jayapataka Swami: Vaisnavas engage in different services for Krsna. So, they are considered on the transcendental level. Externally, if one is doing deity worship or teaching or preaching, they are doing the activities of a brahmana. If they are managing or defending devotees, we can say they are ksatriya. If they are doing business or farming, we can say they are doing activities of a vaisya. But everyone is doing some service for Krsna. So that is considered yukta vairagya. So, that is why the varnasrama is especially for the human beings. But the devotees, engaging in varnasrama, every activity they do, they do as a service to Krsna. So they are considered at a transcendental level. If one is just doing the activity without offering it to Krsna, we can say that is varna. If everything is offered to Krsna, then that is daiva varna or yukta vairagya.