Guru maharaj: Nothing that prohibits us from celebrating Laksmana’s appearance day, especially when we have Sita Rama Laksmana Hanuman. People can observe appearance day of Laksmana, there is nothing against it. It is not clear when Lord Laksmana’s appearance was. So that has to be ascertained. It is not on our regular calendar. The Balarama Purnima is there, as well as Nityananda Trayodasi. When did Laksmana appear, if we have that date, then we can observe Since Washington DC has Sita Rama Laksmana Hanuman deities, we could observe it. Do we observe Sita’s appearance? And Hanuman’s appearance. Since you have Sita, Rama, Laksmana and Hanuman deities, observe all the festivals. Next question.
(Question by Aswasena Govinda das, Washington DC)