We went for parikrama, we went to Kolavecha Sridhar’s house and we heard the pastime how Kolavecha Sridhar was offered so many benedictions but he didn’t want any benedictions and he wanted only pure devotion to Krishna. I wanted to ask, as aspiring devotees how can we also have that desire that we want only pure devotion and we do not get affected by material benedictions that we are offered as test by Krishna? How can we develop that desire?

Guru Maharaja: By following in the footsteps of Kolavecha Sridhar! Ha! If you understand that material things are all temporary, and that benedictions that were offered to Kolavecha Sridhar which he rejected because they were material benedictions. Being a king – a king also has problems – there may be an attack, there may be some political intrigue, maybe he is poisoned and some mystic powers. Modern science has now almost got those mystic powers, like you can fly anywhere by air plane, you can see small things by microscopes, you can see big things at a distance by telescope, so basically what their mystic powers have are something that, they are all material. The real valuable treasure is love of Krishna. That is eternal, that is fully satisfying. That is something that is very rare. Haribol!

17th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India