Guru Maharaj: The point is that if you do the Mangala Arati at 4.30, we should do the Tulasi puja when the deities are closed. So, you have the choice to do Tulasi puja before Mangala Arati, or after. So I think it is difficult enough for devotees to attend Mangala Arati at 4.30 am! That is why they do it later in the morning. But in the afternoon, when the deity is being offered bhoga, they do the Tulasi Arati, because after the Sandhya Arati, the deities are not closed. But we have to offer worship to Tulasi, when the deities are closed. Or you can do Tulasi puja at 8.30 at night, when the deities are closed. Then it is too late, if you have to get up for Mangala Arati. Haribol!