Jayapataka Swami: 11 days is prescribed for brahmanas, and for sudras it is 13 days. For other varnas it is in between. So one thing is that we should not be lamenting when we go before the Lord. And it is a fact that brahmanas have a more spiritual outlook therefore, the period is less. When the body is cremated, and the soul should go on, so being in some lamentation and so there are certain periods where we don’t serve the Lord. That is based on your consciousness. For instance, the head pujari of the Guruvayoor temple of Krsna he worships the deity for six months. Then they change the pujari. So if there is some death in his family, no one tells him. Then he can worship without stop. If you tell him, then he may think oh, my father died, my mother died, and that may disturb his worship. Since because if the soul is hanging around that would not apply.