Jayapataka Swami: I don’t know what age He married in! Where did you get this information? Lord Nityananda married later! I never heard about Advaita’s. Lord Nityananda, He married after Lord Caitanya told Him, go back to Bengal, take grihasta life. Actually, He was like a sannyasi, but He was a brahmacari, so then He married Jahnava and Vasuda. I don’t  know about Advaita Gosain, when He actually married. I don’t know where your information is from? Because, we know that He lived in Santipur, and He also lived in Navadvip and that He was already married before Lord Caitanya was born. And that Sita Thakurani came to bless Lord Caitanya. Apparently, He had six sons. And these sons, we know that Acyutananda was a small boy when Lord Caitanya visited the house of Lord Advaita. I am not particularly convinced that He married at an old age, but I will look into it. Because by the time Lord Caitanya came, He already had six children. (Devotee said; she is probably confused and was referring to Lord Nityananda.) So, Lord Caitanya was a grihasta. And He took sannyasa at the early age of 24. Then He told Nityananda that He should be a grihasta, and show how He could practice Krsna consciousness as a grihasta. He did so, on the order of Lord Caitanya.