Today, I participated in the pushpa (flower) abhiseka of Radha Madhava Astasakhis and Radha Madhava Mayapurcandra. The deities were dressed in flower outfits. The deity worship division had pujaris dressing the deities the whole night with flower dresses. Radha Madhava Astasakhis and Radha Madhava Mayapurcandra all had flower outfits. They were beautiful to behold. Utterly transcendental, fantastic, superb, wonderful – I don’t have words to describe how exquisite They were. At 7 o’clock began the pushpa (flower) abhiseka. The smaller deities of Radha Madhava were placed on the bathing table and flowers were thrown on the flower canopy over their head. The flowers rained down on top of Their heads. Flowers were offered one kind at a time – yellow petals, orange petals, white petals, red rose petals. A wave of flowers after a wave. The flowers covered Radharani and only the peacock feather was left above the flowers of Madhava. Then Jananivasa put some flowers off the deities up to Their waist and then more flowers were thrown, again covering them up. And then the flowers were removed and pushed aside up to Their waist. This happened a number of times. The temple room was jam-packed. Everyone was chanting. Everyone was transformed. It was done in a very melodious way. Then they stopped the flower abhiseka for the small deities and just a small amount of flowers began raining on the main deities, like a gentle rain as compared to that on the smaller murtis, which was like a torrential rain. There was a light rain of flowers for the big deities. Meanwhile, the devotees stood up and began dancing, ecstatically. Some of the children threw flowers at the elders and then the elders also threw flowers at the children. Like this, pretty soon everyone was dancing and throwing flowers on each other. Meanwhile, the deities were being lightly rained on by flower petals. It was a transcendental moment. It seemed like we were all in the spiritual world.

Your well wisher always,
Jayapataka Swami