The Highlight of this year’s 70th Vyasa Puja was the preaching reports that were read out. This gives a glimpse of the extraordinary achievements Guru Maharaj has accomplished by empowering and guiding so many devotees.

HH Gauranga Prema Swami, Director of the Namahatta read the report. Namahatta preaching in Bengal began in the year 1979 and today there are a total of 3446 centres with 3446 leaders and 98,332 devotees. Through this program, there are 14,364 first initiated devotees, 1247 second initiated devotees and 8,000 devotees who have taken Prabhupada Ashraya.

South India:
HG Revathi Raman Das read out the report.
In the city of Hyderabad alone, 1000 devotees attend Bhakti Sashtri classes at the temple every Sunday! He also reported that many Bhakti Vrikshas are there throughout the state. He went on to describe the farm in Hyderabad which Srila Prabhupada described as His “village”. The temple now has
50 acres of land in which a temple for Balaji is coming up, as desired by Srila Prabhupada. He further described that in Vishakapattinam, a massive temple with seven altars is under construction. Guntur Konadavidu project has procured 60 acres of land in which a temple cum theme park that would depict and help the public understand Vaishnava dharma is coming up. ISKCON Tirupathi continues to be the world number 1 distributor of the Back to Godhead magazine and is 10th in the world for book distribution. They have many Goshalas with five hundred cows, 50 percent of which are from slaughter houses. They have also started TIHE, an institution for Vedic education. He went on to talk about the many ISKCON temples in the city of Bangalore and the thousands of devotees from thousands of Bhakti Vrikshas from all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Procuring land and developing ISKCON Centre in Gaura Mandal Bhumi:
HH Bhakti Advaita Navadwip Swami from Bangladesh read out the report.
They have acquired 5 acres of land at Pundarik dham, the birthplace of Advaita Acharya Thakur. At the temple there, lakhs are fed. They have also acquired 60% of the land at the birthplace of Srivas Thakur with great struggle. It has been achieved after a court case.
5 acres were also acquired at the Rupa Sanathana Dham.
At Narottam Das Thakur’s birth place, 6 acres of land has been purchased and along with it, land from Lokanath Das Goswami’s and Jagannath Das Babaji’s birth place.They are under the process of purchasing land at the birth places of Madhavendra Puri, Hari Das Thakur, Gadhadhar Pandit and Murari Gupta. Guru Maharaj now has 30,000 disciples from Bangladesh. Srila Prabhupada had not visited Bangladesh but instructed Guru Maharaj to preach there and sent him 600 dollars every month to carry out the preaching.

Middle East:
HG Srivallabha Das spoke about Guru Maharaj’s preaching success in the Middle East. Guru Maharaj sowed the seeds of Krishna Bhakti in the year 1985 after which HG Mahamuni Das expanded the preaching under Guru Dev’s guidance and support. He has been regularly visiting many countries in the Middle East after which now thousands and thousands of devotees have taken up to the process of Krishna Consciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Course :
Started under the direction of Guru Maharaj and guidance of HH Bhakti Purushottam Swami. The Gita study course in Mayapur has now more than 17,000 people taking advantage of it. 350 initiated devotees have evolved from this distance education course and over 800 are have taken Prabhupada and Guru Ashraya.

ISKCON Mayapur Sankirtan report:
One of his most cherished services is book distribution. Mayapur temple has book distribution going on throughout the year. In 2018, Mayapur Sankirtan stood 2nd in the world for book distribution. Interestingly, Guru Maharaj has an individual book score on which he stood world number 3 for the year 2018.

Please note that these are not all of the achievements of Guru Maharaj. Sending his disciples to help in other ISKCON projects, preaching in South America and some farm communities in the US, ISKCON Tribal Care and many more have not been included herein.

Awe and gratitude are some of the feelings we’re overcome with when we get to know of HH Jayapataka Swami’s activities. It is evident here that His glory is beyond words and expression!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to Guru Maharaja!

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