I just wanted to say that in the last few years of Tamal Krishna Maharaja’s presence he was promoting the chanting of the holy name, reading the lilas from the scriptures and dramatising those and he was adding a very spiritual side to the movement. Some how it is appropriate on his disappearance day this Kirtan-mela is also going on. Because he actually was promoting this chanting of the holy names . He was dear to srila prabhupada and he would carry prabhupada’s requests no matter how difficult they were. So we are missing very much the presence of Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaja right now; certainly he would have a very stabilizing effect in the movement today. I know it’s late so I’ll just say a few words. And all glories to His Divine Grace Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaja!

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja
10th March 2016, Sri Mayapur Dham.