My dear devotees,
Hare Krishna.

I spent some time at the Chennai hospital and various doctors from Delhi, Bombay and Chennai said I should go for liver transplant as my liver is diseased. I have been put on the list to get a liver and kidney from a cadaver. Although my blood type is B positive, and I could, in emergency, use a living donor since the liver regenerates in less than a month, the doctor said it is better to have whole liver.

So I went to Mayapur for the Gaur Purnima festival but I should be ready within 6 hours if the liver becomes available so it takes more than 6 hours to reach Chennai from Mayapur. It would be useful if the devotees offer their prayers since it is a major surgery.

I will keep you updated about my health conditions. While I am in Chennai I would like to give some online classes if anybody would like they may contact Maha Varaha Das. For the time being I will be in Chennai.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Gaura Nitai.

Your well wisher always
Jayapataka Swami