For devotees visiting Mayapur.

Dear God-brothers and sisters,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and to our Guru Maharaja.

After an enlivening meeting of senior disciples in Mayapur during this year’s celebrations of Guru Maharaja’s Vyasa Puja, it was proposed that that the senior disciples have more regular contact during the year. This was presented to Guru Maharaja and he personally suggested that we all meet again in Mayapur for the time of Bhisma Pancaka at the end of Kartik. This year, the dates will be from the 11th of November until the 14th.

During the Vyasa Puja meetings, several areas of services for Guru Maharaja were reported. The atmosphere of unity,cooperation and enthusiasm was clearly evident. Thus, we cordially invite you to participate in this upcoming meeting of Guru Maharaja’s disciples. Please inform us of your availability for such an important event to associate amongst us and with Guru Maharaja himself.

The agenda for this Kartik, 2016 meeting will be:

1. Introduction of attendees.

2. Address by Chairman (Vijay Venugopal prabhu) – “Unity and cooperation in service among GM’s disciples”

3. Overview Report by Sri Vallabha prabhu

4. Presentations: Areas of service under Guru Maharaja’s supervision

5. Expressions of support by attendees

6. Follow up on pendings from last VP meeting

7. Address and blessings from Guru Maharaja

The general sessions will have the duration of maximum 2-3 hours per day of meetings with strict punctuality for starting and ending. Those disciples wanting to present some area of service or project for Guru Maharaja need to book time in advance. If you would like to receive an update on these meetings, please send us your contact details (whatsapp ideally).

Guru Maharaja also suggested that attendees can benefit from Ganga snana with him (only male disciples) and a Japaworkshop for everyone. Tentatively we could go for short (nearby) parikrams and engage in Bhajans and Kirtans all together.

Please take this opportunity to share with us some of your devotional achievements (and concerns if applicable) in the area of service that you are involved, and also take inspiration from Guru Maharaja and other God-brothers and sisters’ services.
As we all know, Guru Maharaja is very fond of celebrating this auspicious time of Bhisma Pancaka by daily doing specific fasting, Ganga snana and tarpanam (prayers) for Grandfather Bhisma during these dates. Several hundreds of devotees follow Guru Maharaja in this observance. Consider the immense auspicious benefits in participating in this event. Let alone the fact that we all will assemble in the holiest of lands, SridhamaMayapur – in Guru Maharaja’s own home.

Hoping to hear from you soon and have your saintly association.

Your servants,

On behalf of the Jayapataka Swami Seva Committee,

Vijay Venugopal Dasa


P.S. For RSVP, please contact

Sarvajaya Madhava Dasa at

1. Please mention what timings you suggest will be convenient for these meetings every day.

2. Please mention your Yatra, your position in the Yatra, and what services you do, so we can introduce you appropriately to all the attendees who may not know all this about you!

3. Finally please forward this letter to all the discipless you know are travelling to Mayapur for BhismaPancaka.

Please go to this link and fill ur info