21/NOV/2016 – Sri Mayapur Dham

Guru Maharaj got discharged from Apollo Hospital and drove to Mayapur to attend IIAC and MEB meetings. Guru Maharaj reached aroung 9:40pm.

Guru Maharaj called me over phone couple of hours back and said, “I am tired being in hospital for 4 days.” But when he landed in Mayapur, he was fresh and so happy and blissful. Guru Maharaj gave a garland to Narasimha Prasad Prabhu and gave me one garland. This garland is from Khira Chor Gopinath, Remuna. And Abhay Prabhu got some some Khir for Guru Maharaj, and he told Guru Maharaj, “Gopinath, stolen some khir for you Guru Maharaj!” And Srivas Pran Prabhu gave a tulasi to Guru Maharaj. But Guru Maharaj said, “No, give me Khir.” Then he took a spoon. And then took his milk and medicines and chanted his Gayathri.

Then Guru Maharaj asked Abhay Prabhu: “What are you doing here? You supposed to be in Sankirtan.” Then he said, “Yes! I will be joining back to Sankirtan in few days.” Guru Maharaj was concern about Marathon. And we were discussing how it will be to give out Bhagavad-gitas for 500 Rs notes. And there was a discussion between about 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes. Then Shyama Madhusudan Prabhu started to continue Guru Maharaj’s mail draft, and Guru Maharaj started to dictate that Bengali letter. And Guru Maharaj said: “Srila Prabhupada said, If you are not able to cry for Krishna. Then you have to cry that your are not able to cry for Krishna. Still if you are not able to cry for Krishna, then you should cry, cry, cry that you are not able to cry for Krishna. And if you are still not able to cry for Krishna, then cry, cry, cry and cry.” But Shyama Madhusudan Prabhu couldn’t catch it. But, Guru Maharaj also not leaving it until he get it as it is. Guru Maharaj said: “Srila Prabhupada said, five time, so we should put it five times.” And Guru Maharaj was laughing seeing Shyama Madhusudan Prabhu.

Guru Maharaj got ready to go to bed. And Jaya Radha Krishna Prabhu started to read “Narayana Kavaca” from Srimad Bhagavatam for Guru Maharaj. And tomorrow is a meeting day 9.5 Hours. Jai Guru Maharaj…

(Personal Diary – Shyama Rasika Dasa)