From Ekadasi to Balarama Purnima, the Mayapur youth organized a glorious Jhulan Yatra here in Mayapur at the old gurukula side. They organized stage programs and facilitated the swinging of Sri Sri Radha Madhava by thousands of resident and visiting devotees. They erected a waterproof tent and decorated the whole area like a kunja. There were also water fountains. Every night, they non-stop chanted kirtanas, except when there was a speaker, and they arranged prasadam which was given out to all the devotees. Every day, Radha Madhava were brought from the temple on a ratha and traveled to the Jhulan Yatra and then every night, after the Jhulan Yatra, Radha Madhava were brought back to the main temple altar by ratha. On Balarama Purnima, they organized a pot breaking ceremony with all the community devotees. I visited and personally witnessed these things. I’m not able to fully describe the wonderful, devotional effort.

Yours in service,
Jayapataka Swami