GM doctors report as 13/05/15
Dear devotees and well-wishers,

As you may know, Guru Maharaja was brought from Mayapur to Kolkatta this last Sunday 11th of May due to shortness of breath. This is a result of the complications from the ongoing condition of his liver. After being admitted and treated here in the hospital in Kolkatta, Guru Maharaja was stabilized from the emergency. He responded well and was very alert and conscious. He was talking, joking at times, and mostly in his regular jolly mood.
However due to Guru Maharaja’s overall delicate condition from the time when he suffered the stroke (liver cirrhosis, etc) and the added complications that such condition brought about, Guru Maharaja’s condition is still delicate.  Even though he has been responding well and considering that he is under specialized treatment, there are still health risks involved.
Thus, we are requesting all disciples and well-wishers to please increase your sincere prayers, and chanting in hope that Guru Maharaja’s condition does not deteriorate any further and by Krishna’s mercy, he is able to recover. The team of secretaries, servants and assistants reassure you that we are doing all that is possible to provide Guru Maharaja with the best treatment at hand. A group of senior disciples and doctors are coordinating the medical assistance and logistics for Guru Maharaja’s recovery.  

​Guru Maharaja’s health team