It can be an offence. If it is presented in such a way that we respectfully say that this particular thing should not be followed, the devotee otherwise is very good but this particular habit is something that we do not follow. If it is presented in a very constructive way – like Prabhupad in the 12th chapter of Adi Leela CC Has given the details of the Gaudiya Math break up, and failure to maintain the instructions of the founder. So Prabhupada gave those details to warn us, that we should not do the same thing. So some of the Gaudiya Math leaders asked us to take out the 12th chapter. But we said that we don’t have the right to take out Prabhupada’s writings. So depending on how you do it, if it is to warn someone, not to follow this example, then it may be alright. You see Prabhupada was talking about his godbrothers. If one is a junior devotee who is talking about someone who is very advanced or more senior, it may be, what you call, maryada ullanghan, the transgression of seniority.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
27th January 2019
Chennai, India