The process may be gradual, but you have to start it somewhere. By seeing a vaishnava, you may be inspired to start your own process of Krishna consciousness. It is also gradual but it depends how intensely you want it. If you want it very intensely it can happen very quickly. I gave the exam like a baby cries whaaaa… mildly, mother says well, oh, the baby always cries. But if the baby really cries. Whaa MUMYYYYYYYYY AHHHH mother drops everything. So if you want Krishna so bad, then the spiritual process will be very fast. Problem is we don’t usually want as Lochanadas is saying how Nitai Gaur are most merciful, how they got even the animals to cry, they got the stones to melt by Their chanting. But then he says, samsara majiya. Rohili podiya, sei pade nahilo aasha – I am lost in this material world of birth and death, trying to enjoy my senses, I have fallen in this illusion, I don’t have any hope to get the mercy of Nitai Gaur, to get Their lotus feet. I am suffering and enjoying just according to my karma. So sings Lochanadas. Apana karama bhunjaya samana kohoye Lochana dasa.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
18th January 2019
Chennai, India