Attachment, fear and anger, how to overcome? There is a verse of this in the Bhagavad Gita and some advice is given there. But in a nutshell, we want to dovetail everything with Krishna consciousness. Instead of being attached to the material world, we are more attached to Krishna and His service. Instead of being angry, because our ego is being pinched or because someone is not giving us the sense gratification we want, or because someone is criticizing us unnecessarily, unconstructively, then if we get angry that is material. But if someone offends a devotee or Krishna, if we get angry that is Krishna conscious. So anger, we try to use it for the right reason, and anger for the wrong reason, we renounce. And since Krishna promises He will protect His devotees, name bhakta pranashyati – My devotee will never be destroyed. So why should we have any fear? Fear is the part of the material world, and fear means that we take it as a caution. But we don’t actually fear absolutely because we depend on the mercy and protection of Krishna. But if He tells us in our mind, that going to this place is dangerous now, we take that also as a warning by Krishna. Just like now, I saw the news that in Louisiana some people were killed in Baton Rouge. So if you live on the border of Louisiana., she does, she lives in New Talavan, she lives on the border of Louisiana, in Mississippi, in Picayune, if Krishna warns that you should not go to Baton Rouge, it is maybe because people are shooting there.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
27th January 2019
Chennai, India