Why do you say your soul? You are the soul! Why don’t I realize Krishna myself or by my mind? Because we are conditioned souls, so we see things through our senses and through our mind, intelligence. But as you advance you will feel things beyond the mind and intelligence. Just like, I am a very insignificant soul, but in the 1970s I had a high fever. I was burning! Physical, great discomfort but I was listening to Prabhupad’s lectures in Vrndavan on Nectar of Devotion, and I was feeling so much happiness! In one sense my body was suffering, and in the other sense I was feeling great bliss! So I understood that I was different from my body! How many have you realized this? In Bengal they ask, how is your body? Tumar shori kaimon aache? We always say, how are you> Thia is the western, way. But actually, you is the soul and the soul is always good. But the covering of the soul, the mind and the body, they go through different things. So the real question is, how your body? And you are the soul. And your questions was, when will my soul feel this and not just my mind? But you are the soul. When will I realize this, not just my mind. Hare Krishna!

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
24th January 2019
Chennai, India