1. You can offer an extra lamp and ask your family or friends to offer an extra lamp on behalf of Guru Maharaja.

2. You can inspire others to offer lamps to Lord Damodara. Kindly keep a note of how many souls were inspired by you to offer ghee lamps in this way and how many lamps in total were offered.

3. If you visit any temple and you offer a lamp, please offer on behalf of Guru Maharaja and update the numbers to be counted towards the 1 million lamps campaign.

4. If you are a yatra leader kindly update your yatra scores. To avoid duplication of reports, kindly assign one or two devotees from each yatra to take responsibility of reporting scores. We will have two reporting systems: Individual Reporting and Group (Yatra) Reporting. Individually you can update the number of souls you have inspired and the total number of lamps have been offered (until that point of report submission). As for the group, please let the group leader decide who will report scores every day.

5. What is really pleasing to Guru Maharaja and Krishna is our efforts to inspire others to participate in this wonderful Damodara (Kartika) month yajna by offering lamps to Lord Damodara.

Please note:

Some devotees might want to offer many lamps in one single day on behalf of Guru Maharaja. This is a good desire but this is not the purpose of this campaign. The purpose is to inspire others to offer lamps to Lord Damodara, and this service will be dedicated to Guru Maharaja.

Please do not force anyone to offer ghee lamps, including our family members. Krishna will accept our service done with love and compassion.

May Lord Damodara and Guru Maharaja kindly bless each one of us to be successful in our humble endeavours to reach the worldwide goal of 1 million ghee lamps.

Hare Krishna!

Sri Sri Radha Damodara ki jaya!
Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!
Guru Maharaja ki jaya!

Submit your reports using the following:

Official Website:


Simultaneously please post about your ongoing Damodara preaching to the following global WhatsApp group:


(Please note, this is Group 2, if you have already joined in WhatsApp Group 1 then you don’t need to join again in the above group)

Post your Damodar Kartika Maas preaching activities, photographs and videos on International Harinama Yajna Facebook page which is completely dedicated to Guru Maharaja’s fast recovery.

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