That is the original sin, why we are here in the material world. For some reason we envied or were jealous of the Lord. So that is the one thing we cannot dovetail. We dovetail anger, you can dovetail greed, you can dovetail everything but not envy, matsar. I can be greedy to get more mercy of Krishna, I can be angry of someone who offends Krishna, everything can be dovetailed, but envy, no! So we should give up envy. But how do we do that? You do that by Krishna consciousness. By being advanced in Krishna bhakti, you think that if I have any good quality it is due to the mercy of guru and Krishna. And if someone is doing better, we are inspired that oh, they have achieved success! I will follow their example and get the mercy also. Envy means, oh, that one is ahead, let me trip him up! I will be ahead of him; he will be in the dust! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hai! I will be the king of the mountains! You see that keeps us here in the material world! It is a hellish mentality. So we want people to do better, we want to associate with them, we want their mercy, we want to follow their good example, we don’t want to envy them that oh, they got the mercy. Let me throw mud on them. You see in Vrndavan, Krishna went out with Radharani, They left the Raasa dance. So the other gopis they thought, this gopi must have had special bhakti to take the Lord away. And they were happy that at least one gopi had conquered Krishna. So we want Krishna to be happy. And if we are envious, Krishna will not be happy. That is the worst thing we could do. So if one understands this, they can avoid envy because it is counterproductive. Thank you very much.

3rd February 2019
Chennai, India