“You are at Samudragarh, island of Koladvipa and a part of Ritudvipa, island of Arcanam. Now we are crossing from Koladvipa to Ritudvipa. So when Pandavas executed the Rajasuya sacrifice then each took up one direction. Bhima was in charge of the Eastern direction. They would go to different kingdoms and they would accept Yudhistira as the emperor for the Rajasuya. All the kings had to accept Yudhistira as the emperor of the whole earth. This was the the rule. But Samudra Sen had a different idea. He knew that Bhima and Arjuna were protected by Krishna and he wanted to have darshan of Krishna, so he thought to give a hard time to Bhima to attract Krishna. He had a ferocious fight with Bhima with the horses, chariots and soldiers. Bhima was oppressed by huge amount of arrows. Bhima prayed to Krishna that “If I loose this battle it would be an embarrassment”, so then Krishna appeared in the battlefield with the complexion of rain cloud, beautiful garments and a smiling face and the king was so happy to see Krishna that he fainted. Thus Krishna appeared in Navadvipa dhama. He saw Krishna and his friends in Kumudavan because he wanted to see Krishna’s form as Gauranga, then Krishna and his friends disappeared and there was the Prema Sankirtan party where Gauranga was singing in ecstasy. The king offered his obeisances repeatedly. This place is non-different from Dwaraka and also part of Vraja. I would hope that all devotees develop an intense desire to hear and chant the names of Gauranga.”

(Transcribed by Rasa Priya Gopika Devi Dasi)