Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

Welcoming all devotees from East London, also from Malaysia, other places that have just arrived. Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Somehow it said, birth of Nityananda prabhu. After discussing about Nityananda Prabhu, we are now going back to His birth. Well, as they say, anywhere you bite into an apple, it tastes good. Even if we discuss the appearance of Nityananda Prabhu, that is also nectar.

Caitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Khanda:

In Radhadesh there is a village called Ekachakra and there Bhagavan Nityananda took His birth.

Not too far from Ekachakra, there was a deity called Mauleshwara, and that was worshipped by Nityananda Haladhar. Raardesh is on the western side of the Ganges. So a short distance from Ekachakra, there is a deity of Lord Shiva named Mauleshwara or some people call him Mayureshwara. So sometimes Lord Nityananda worshipped Him.

In this village of Ekachakra there was a brahmana named Hadai Pandit. He was greatly renounced, and his nature was to be very merciful.

His chaste wife was named Padmavati. She was a great vaishnavi and mother of the whole universe.

Bothe the brahmana and brahmani, this brahmana and his wife were very magnanimous. Lord Nityananda, He took His birth in their house.

The oldest of all the sons was Lord Nityananda. He had all auspicious characteristics and to see Him, one’s eyes were satisfied. So father of Lord Nityananda was Hadai Ojha or Hadai Pandit, and his wife was Padmavati devi. She was profusely invested with Lord Vishnu’s energies. Thus ends the fourth chapter, Ha!Birth of Nityananda Prabhu. A short chapter!

Are there any questions?

Question: Dear spiritual father, (guru maharaj said: Yes) shata koti dandavats, thanks for your blessings. I heard that we need to get the mercy of Lord Nityananda and develop attachment for Him. So I want to implement what I heard from your holiness. Can you explain practically what is meant by getting mercy of Lord Nityananda and developing attachment for Him. What shall I do to get His mercy and develop attachment for Him? Thanking you, your spiritual son, Divya Govinda das.

Guru maharaj: Interesting question. By our former chief accountant and chief accountant of the TOVP Exhibits. We are advised that we should develop our affect for Lord Krishna, Lord Caitanya, Lord Nityananda, what does affection mean? You don’t know? We think how we are so fortunate to be here in Mayapur where Lord Caitanya, Lord Nityananda, They walked! And if you had the spiritual vision you could still see Them today! This is Their aprakat leela, unmanifested pastimes. Their prakat leela, everybody could see. How Lord Nityananda, when He was in Panihati, how He displayed such a humorous nature. How He, when He heard that Raghunath das was there, you are keeping away like a thief, come here, I am going to punish you today, dandha debo! I will punish you, Naturally Raghunath das, he didn’t run off to get punished. He was still paying his obeisances and Lord Nityananda came and put His lotus foot on his head, and He said that your punishment is that you have to feed all My devotees, mangoes, fruits and chida dahi. For a multi-millionaire, what is that? When I came to India we would buy 40 kilos of mangoes at the Machua Bazar in auction for 6 rupees.! Ha! The other persons in the auction would say let them take it! Ha! it was more or less 5 or 6 or 7 rupees. Those were the big paasli mangoes. You don’t know what paasli mangoes are? These are the local mangoes. So any way, Lord Nityananda He was giving His mercy to Raghunath das. And how fortunate were those people, they could all be with Lord Nityananda taking that chida dahi. How many of you would like to be there? Haribol! So that is affection! Ha! So how could such a wonderful person, and even if He gives punishment, it is a blessing! So if you hear the pastimes of Lord Nityananda, how He told the cowherd boys, when Lord Caitanya asks where is Vrndavan, ami Vrndavan jabo, they showed south, the wrong way, Ha! and then He jumped in the river and swam 40 kilometers, and then he caught mother Sachi and said come with Me to Shantipur. Lord Caitanya, He thought He was going to Vrndavan but he was going to Shantipur, and this was all arranged by Lord Nityananda. He knew how heartbroken mother Sachi that her son left and thus He had her meet him at Shantipur. How can we not have affect for Lord Nityananda? I don’t understand! When Advaita said I am going to feed You and Lord Caitanya said no, I am a sanyasi, feed Me very little, I should control my senses, Advaita said, sure, sure, but He gave Him a big feast! Lord Nityananda said I am hungry, you feed Me, quickly. I need lots of food; I haven’t eaten for several days. Lord Caitanya said I am a sanyasi, I am fasting, I will take a little bit. Meanwhile Lord Nityananda said, I am hungry, feed Me. Lord Caitanya was saying, to Advaita you gave Me too much, I cannot eat all this! Lord Nityananda took some rice and threw it on Advaita and Advaita was dancing! Ha! Ha! He said, you have spoiled My religious principles. Ha! Ha! Ha! Like this They were enjoying various pastimes! When you hear about Lord Nityananda’s pastimes, how can you not develop affection for him?!! Haribol!

Question: Gopinath das: What is the meaning of Nitai?

Guru maharaj: It is short for Nityananda. Ha! Ha! Nityananda means eternal bliss. Any other question? Kate, any question?

Question: You mentioned that , Lord Nityananda was the eldest son, so were there other children that Hadai Pandit and Padmavati had?

Guru maharaj: Yes, we don’t hear too much about them. When Jahnava devi came to Ekachakra to see the place of her husband’s birth, there was an old man walking around with a cane. As she approached, she overheard him saying Nityananda! Oh Nityananda! Nityananda, Nitai! Nityananda! Ha! Ha! And then she asked him what is the matter? He said, why did Hadai Ojha let Lord Nityananda leave the village? He was the life of the village. They could have taken my son, or any of our sons, but not Lord Nityananda! Nityananda! Nityananda! Why did he let Him go?!! When He left, the life of the village left! Lord Nityananda! Nityananda! Why did he let Him go? Already decades had gone by, but he was still absorbed in Nityananda! Nityananda! This was the impression that Lord Nityananda left.

Question: Jayanta Govinda das from Denmark: What pleases you most gurudev?

Guru maharaj: They asked this question to Srila Prabhupad. He said that if he sees his disciples develop love for Krishna, that pleases him the most. In Mumbai, he went to the temple, he was sick, so he hadn’t been for some days to the temple. He suddenly appeared in the temple and say on the Vyasa aasan and he blessed all the devotees, that they should be strong in their Krishna consciousness and they should preach. So I am also very pleased when I see my disciples preaching. That can be by books, congregational preaching, so many ways. I would like to see the movement expand, so many people are suffering, they do not know what the purpose of life is. If the disciples can help people understand the purpose of life, that would be great pleasure.

Question: Mishra Bhagavan das from Texas: My god brother, guru maharaj said. If someone engaged in devotional service quits, Krishna says there is no loss, he will begin again. What is the criteria not audible for devotional service?

Guru maharaj: I thought he said, someone cooks! Ha! Today I saw the video of the PM of India opening the gigantic BG that Madhusevita had made, 800 kilos Gita. He was saying that what do we bring with us when we come? And what do we take with us of this world, when we leave? So we don’t bring anything, we come as a baby, and when we leave, we leave our building, our bank balance, our family members, we leave them all behind us. What we take though is what we have done in Krishna consciousness. That we don’t lose. Prabhupad said that many people who joined him were previously devotees and how long it will take to come back I don’t know, it is individual case. Krishna says that if one doesn’t finish their Krishna consciousness, they may be born in a rich family so that they don’t have worries of finance, or they born in a family of yogis which ideal for Krishna consciousness, family of bhakti yogis, so devotees want that they have Krishna conscious children. So we also if we are to take birth again, we want to be born in the family of devotees. So we can take up where we left off by the way. So there is no loss. For having done devotional service. If they quit, then they have to take birth again. That also depends. Like Ajamila, he quit but he had called his son Narayana. The fact that he called his son at the time of death, remembered Narayana, then he was saved by the Vishnudutas. So there is no guarantee that this will happen. But in some cases it happens. One may even return in this life or next life but I once told Prabhupad that I would like to serve him birth after birth. He asked me, why do you want me to come back? Then I thought what did I say wrong? Then I said, I want to serve you even birth after birth. If I take birth, I want to serve you. That is the meaning of adding the word, even. So please don’t make me come back!

Question: Hare Krishna, Not audible

Guru maharaj: Radharathi dd. If we follow the third verse of the Shikshashtakam which we read every morning, the gurukulis recite, Prabhupad gives the example like when we step over the grass, the grass bends over. And we walk on, the grass gradually comes up again. So we have to be like that. If we have false pride, we bow down and we get stepped on, then we come back again. If we identify with the body and we have false expectations, that we will be peaceful and happy, that everything in the material world will be perfect, they we don’t want to leave. So Krishna is very merciful that He gives us a true picture. What is seen on Al Jazeera or BBC how Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan now, Algiers, so much disturbance, so much war, so many innocent people killed, This material world is not a nice place and if you think it is, then you are lucky if Krishna breaks your pride so that you can realize that this place is not the place we want to stay. And we want to go back to Krishna’s planet, to His world. But how we do that is by serving Krishna here, we don’t care what others think, we only care what Krishna and guru think. You are asking if false pride is smashed, how to pick yourself up? First thing is that you should not have any false pride. I am the most humble devotee! I am the most beautiful person! I am so wonderful! Everyone should praise me! You have a pimple on your nose someone says! Oh, a pimple! Oh my pride! You should not have false pride. You may be nice or you may be ugly but we know we are not this body. And the only thing that really matters is doing devotional service. So we are very appreciative if devotees help other devotees. para duukha dukkhi is a vaishnava quality. To feel sad when others suffer. To try to help fellow vaishnavas. Even though we many know that it is due to karma, we don’t want people to suffer. If someone comes up, oh, I am thirsty! Oh it is your karma, give him a glass of water! Prabhupad said, Krishna is the father. You want to make a temple of Krishna, then you should see that no one goes hungry for a ten kilometer radius. In the presence of their father, how will the children go hungry? So if your false pride gets crushed, you think that it is Krishna’s mercy, and we go on. We learn from our mistakes, we learn from others’ mistakes, we learn from others’ good qualities, we are always learning. Haribol! Which reminds me, Prabhupad was once on a morning walk and he was walking by a golf course. He asked what is this game? Someone told him, they have a stick and there is a ball. They hit it, they count how many times they hit it and put it in a hole some hundreds of meters away. Prabhupad shook his head and said, what they will not do to forget Krishna! If you think about it, it is a pretty stupid game! I used to play it! One last question.

Question: Something about help desk for Vyasa puja?

Guru maharaj: Help devotees, give them something to drink. Panchajanya Keshava das, he is organizing six help desks. They are going to give juice and butter milk! Not just water but juice and butter milk. They are going to give people all kinds of help, doctors coming, medical help, he has hundreds of volunteers, I guess he still wants more. So you can serve the vaishnavas and get multiple benefits. One thousand times benefit in the holy dham.

Question: PAMHO, Please forgive me, your unqualified child. I have disobeyed or not followed many of your instruction. I will from now on try to rectify my mistakes. What will happen to me? Please forgive me my spiritual father and please engage me in Prabhupad’s preaching dear guru maharaj. Your spiritual daughter, Anandini Indulekha devi dasi from Bangladesh.

Guru maharaj: If you can follow the principles strictly from here on, there is still hope. Keep doing, keep trying. Don’t try, do it! We would be happy to engage you in preaching Krishna consciousness. Thank you for your commitment. Hare Krishna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
12 April 2019