Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

Welcome back to the safari devotees! Haribol! Maybe at the end of the class we will hear some testimonials, some realizations, get ready! So today was Sunday, how many people came to Mayapur? Any estimates? There were 600 during the japa period. But only 300 would get prasadam. We need to supply more prasadam and we need to get more sponsors and simplify prasadam. So we are reading the glories of Nityananda as Anantadeva!

Whoever listens to the naama shravan kirtan of Anantadev, the person who engages in that, countless or limitless births’ karmas are destroyed immediately. In other words, a vaishnava never gives up the shelter of Anantadeva. By chanting and hearing the names of Sri Anantadeva, the knots of speculation, born of nescience, which are the root cause of illusory conceptions, are destroyed. As such, vaishnavas will never attempt to disrespect SRI ANANTADEVA IN ANY WAY! ANANTADEV KI JAI! NITAI! NITAI!

Those who are in the material world, have no other shelter than Anantadeva. By chanting His holy names, all the conditioned souls are delivered. Haribol! So they are recommending that, if you want to understand the meaning of all these words, see the Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26. and first half of verse 8.

The unlimited number of planets, each with their mountains and oceans, Lord Anantadeva, He sustains all these planets on His head. In other words, He sustains the whole universe.

He has thousands of heads, He is so large and powerful, that on one of His heads, the universe rests, like a mustard seed. He is so powerful, unlimitedly powerful, He doesn’t even know where this universe is! So Anantadeva is so great and powerful, that the universe is like a small mustard seed on His head. What to speak of Him carrying the weight or perceiving its weight, the unlimitedly powerful Anantadev is not even aware of its presence. Haribol!

So with these thousands of heads, thousands of mouths, He is continuously chanting the glories of Lord Krishna. So while He is holding the universe on one of His hoods, He is constantly chanting the glories of Lord Krishna, with His thousands of mouths.

Although Anantadev has been chanting since time immemorial, He has not come to an end of chanting the glories of Lord Krishna. So He is unconquerable, and the glories of Krishna are unconquerable. So both Anantadev and Krishna are most eloquent speakers, or the crest jewels of eloquent speakers!

Although Lord Anantadev chants with His thousands of mouths the glories of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, still, He does not find an end to them!

How wonderful is the competition between Balaram and Gopal! Brahma, Shiva, the devas and the liberated munis, are all watching with great happiness!

So the competition is between Kanhai, whose sweet qualities are constantly increasing and His worshipper, Balaram or Lord Anantadev, who is glorifying the qualities of Sri Kanhai with thousands of mouths in thousands of ways. Siddha is a type of demigod and munishwar refers to the great sages and best of munis.

So Anantadev He tries to reach the shore of the ocean of Krishna’s glories, but He is unable to do so. He cannot reach the shore because, it is always continuously expanding. So Anantadev, He is trying to reach the limit of Krishna’s glories, and with His thousands of mouths, He is enthusiastically trying to reach the limit, but the ocean of Krishna’s glories is always increasing, and it remains beyond the reach of Anantadev. So He is trying His best, He wants to reach the limit of Krishna’s glories, and then He will be the victor! But Krishna’s glories are ever increasing, so therefore He is enthusiastic and always chanting Krishna’s glories with His thousands of mouths with increased enthusiasm, but He cannot reach the end of Krishna’s glories. Haribol! Haribol!

So this is a Sanskrit verse and I will have Acintya Caitanya repeat it:

“Neither I nor all the sages born before You know fully the omnipotent Personality of Godhead. So what can others born after us know about Him? Even the first incarnation of the Lord, namely Sesha, has not been able to reach the limit of such knowledge although He is describing the qualities of the Lord with a thousand faces.”

“In this verse of SB 2.7.41, the Supreme Lord’s heroic activities related with the material and spiritual worlds are described as unlimited.”

Anantadeva happily resides in Rasaatala, in order to maintain the universe. So beneath the earth there are seven planetary systems known as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talaatala, Mahatala, Rasaatala and Paataala. So, Anantadev resides below the earth, and according to the Srimad Bhagavatam 5.25.1, it is below Paataala. But Anantadeva is not bound to stay there, He stays there by His own sweet will. And He is happy doing it!

So Sri Narada muni, he visits the assembly of Lord Brahma, and there he glorifies the qualities of Anantadeva, accompanied by his veena.

So do you have some questions?

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj, it seems as if there is a contradiction, because it is mentioned in the order of the lokas that Rasaatala is above Paataala but it was mentioned that Rasaatala was actually below Paataala?

Guru maharaj: Now we can just take it that when they say He resides in Rasaatala; it means He is at the bottom of the universe. The acharyas have said that He actually stays below Paataala. It is like someone is saying, that person comes from Latin America but he actually comes from a particular state. Argentina or Chile or Columbia. So Rasaatala indicates, way down. That is why the purport says to be exact, He stays below Paataala loka.

So if there is no other question I would like to hear some realization from devotees who came back from the safari. You went to Kanainaathshaala, Mandara Hills, Eka Chakra, Murshidabad and many other places. Adi Saptagram, Chagda, Katwa, Srikhanda, Jajigram, so many places! And anyone has any realizations? Did they lose their mouths in Rasaatala? Ha!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
07 April 2019