Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

So today the safari is going to Ekachakra. So they asked me to send some glorification of Nityananda Ram. So we happen to be at the place when we are discussing Lord Nityananda’s glories. So Lord Nityananda appeared in Ekachakra dham. This place is in a place where the Ganges does not flow. So it is known as Raardesh. At some places they say Radha desh, that is not the correct pronunciation. But anyway, they are saying Radha’s name, which is auspicious. So this place is in Birbhum, and the place where Lord Nityananda was in the womb of His mother, Padmavati, that place is known as Garbhavaas, which means where the Lord resided in the womb. So He appeared there. That place is known as Birchandrapur, named after the son of Lord Nityananda. So as a child, He played with His boyfriends, who were all gopals from the Krishna leela, the cowherd boys. So they would play different dramas of Krishna’s and various avatars’ pastimes. There was a tree which was a little bit to the east of the birthplace of Lord Nityananda. That tree is called as Ananta Bakul, because the tree was in the form of Anantadev. The tree leaned over one side and all the limbs are like hanging on that said, just like Anantadev leaning over the Lord. Under that tree and nearby they performed different leelas. The adults were amazed, how these children know the pastimes so intimately? Because they were there! In all the different pastimes of the Lord. So they performed like all the Krishna leelas, the avatars, and also Ram lila. So in the Ram lila Lord Nityananda played the part of Lakshman, and He was struck by the arrow of Indrajit, the son of Ravana who had defeated Indra, therefore he got the name Indrajit. So Lord Nityananda told the boys that no matter what happens, follow through the drama. But they forgot, and He was struck and He was unconscious. Then Padmavati came and said alright, please come for noon prasad. All the boys were ready to go, but Lord Nityananda was lying down unconscious, because He was playing the part of Lakshman. The doctor came and said I cannot see anything wrong. Then Hadai Ojha the father of Lord Nityananda asked what were you boys doing? We were playing Ram lila. So what happened? So Nityananda was playing as Lakshman and He got hit by the arrow of Ravana’s son, and your wife came and called us for prasadam. What happens next in the drama? Hanuman has to go and bring the Sanjivani herb. Go, go, go, go! Go quick, quick and bring it! Quick, quick! So the boy who was playing the role of Hanuman left and came back with a clump of earth, which was supposed to signify the hill. So then Hadai Ojha asked what is next? Ram has to put the Sanjivani herb under the nose of Lakshman. So then they did that and Nityananda came back! Nitai! Nitai! Nitai Gauranga! So this is how they were playing the leela every day. They were really into it. Now I read one description where Hanuman while he was going to get the herb, one sadhu greeted him and said, please have some fruits. So he gave him some bananas, and things that the monkeys like. You said, you can go and take bath in my pond, come back and have a feast I am getting ready for you. Then he went to the pond and there was a big crocodile there, and he saw that it was a whole trick, he liberated the crocodile, and came back saw that the sadhu was one of Ravana soldiers. He said you are a dog and your master is a dog, something like that. So the Ravana’s agent tried to stop Hanuman, but he could not. Ha went on to the mountain where the Sanjivani herb was. But he couldn’t not figure out which herb was Sanjivani and which herb was not, since there was a whole mountain of herbs. So he thought let us take the whole mountain and Ram can pick up whatever herb Hae wants. So then Hanuman brought the whole mountain, a piece of which fell in Karnataka, near the temple of Mookambika. We went there one year with the safari and we climbed that mountain. On the top Shankaracharya had tapasya to spread his mayawadi philosophy. So we did sankirtan and prayed to the Lord, that we can spread this sankirtan movement of Lord Gauranga and Nityananda! Haribol! So Ekachakra has got many holy places of Lord Nityananda and our temple is by the Yamuna river. There is a temple in Ekachakra of Banki Rai, which they say Lord Nityananda entered into the deity. So this is a very special place. We are glad we have a temple there, and we hope that you all have a nice darshan. Who here has gone to Ekachakra Dham? So that ends our brief description of Ekachakra dham. And now we will read a few verses today about Lord Nityananda. who is the source of Maha Sankarshana.

So this is Sanskrit so you read the translation:

“By His glance the Supreme Personality of Godhead enables the modes of material nature to act as the causes of universal creation, maintenance and destruction. The Supreme Soul is unlimited and beginning less. And although He is one, He has manifested Himself in many forms. How can human society understand the ways of the Supreme?” Haribol!
This is taken from the Srimad Bhagavatam 5.25.9. Up to the 13th verse. So this is the description of Narada muni glorifying Sankarshan as described by Shukadev Goswami to Maharaj Parikshit.

“This manifestation of subtle and gross matter exists within the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Out of causeless mercy toward His devotees, He exhibits various forms which are all transcendental. The Supreme Lord is most liberal and He possesses all mystic power. To conquer the minds of His devotees and to give pleasure to their hearts, He appears in different incarnations and manifests many pastimes.”

Srila Jiva Goswami in his Krishna Sandarbha, uses the word Mrigapati for Varahadev who performed the pastime of lifting the earth. So in various ways Anantadev is glorified. Another meaning for Mrigapati – mriga means wish fulfilling demigods or angels. So pati is the master, or who is the master of the devas, the demigods, that is Lord Nityananda and Lord Krishna. That is the Vishnu tattva.

From Srimad Bhagavatam 5. 25. 9 – 13th verses one after is being quoted.

“Even if he be distressed or degraded, any person who chants the holy name of the Lord having heard it from a bona fide spiritual master is immediately purified.” Haribol!
“Even if he chants the Lord’s names jokingly or by chance, he and anyone who hears him are freed from all sins. Therefore, how can anyone seeking disentanglement from the material clutches, avoid the chanting of the names of Lord Sesha? Of whom else should one take shelter?” Haribol!

So the importance here of chanting the holy name is described here. We should chant the holy name especially; this is the process is prescribed in Kali yuga. But in other yugas it was also effective, but now nothing else will be as effective as chanting the holy names.

“Because the Lord is unlimited, no one can estimate His power. This entire universe filled with its many great mountains, rivers, oceans, trees and living entities, is resting just like an atom on one of His many thousands of hoods. Is there anyone even with thousand tongues who can describe His glories?”

So Srila Jiva Goswami says that since the Lord is immeasurable, the universe which is measurable, appears very small in comparison with the Lord.

“There is no end to the great and glorious qualities of the powerful Lord Anantadeva. Indeed His prowess is unlimited. Although self-sufficient, He Himself is the support of everything. He resides beneath the lower planetary systems and easily sustains the entire universe.”

So Lord Anantadeva is self-sufficient. Although He is self-sufficient, He Himself easily supports the entire universe. Some people think that this is a kind of mythology, but they don’t know the universe is supported. The Lord in His form as Anantadeva, He supports the universe. It is not a mythology; it is the truth! Haribol!

So the creation, maintenance and destruction are done by the combination of the gunas. Satva, raja and tama. Goodness, passion and ignorance. Lord Anantadev simply by His glance, these modes of nature cause this creation, maintenance and destruction, again and again and again and again and again! So Anantadev by His glance, the three modes combine and make creation, maintenance and destruction possible. So in the Caitanya Caritamrita it also mentions that, Sankarshan is the shelter of all the Purushas from whom this world is created and destroyed.

He is one without a second form and He is the Absolute Truth and He does not have any beginning. He is glorified in this way. For that reason, He is known as Ananta which means unlimited. Who can understand His ways? Just as the first verse of the Brahma Samhita, Iswaraha Parama Krishna Satcitananda vigraha, anaadir aadir Govindam sarva Kaarana Kaaranam. So anaadi aadi – He is original and He has no origin. So everything in this material world has a beginning and an end. So we are conditioned to think that everything has a beginning. So we think well, what is the beginning of the Lord? But He always existed, He had no beg and no end.

The Lord’s forms are shuddha satva or transcendental, and the Lord performs His pastimes out of His causeless mercy. All His pastimes are manifested in these transcendental forms. So this is a Bengali translation of Srimad Bhagavatam 5.25.10. In Chennai our restaurant is called Shuddha Satva! Ha! Shuddha Satva means pure goodness, or the transcendental form of the Lord. Especially Lord Baladev is indicated here, because He is the predominating deity of the Sandhini shakti or one of the three internal potencies. So all the ingredients of the spiritual world emanate from Baladev. In other words, shuddha satva or pure goodness is beyond the three modes of material mature. All the Vishnu forms, either His plenary portion or part of His plenary portions. Lord Shiva explains to Sati, how He is absorbed in meditating and offering obeisances to Lord Vaasudeva, who is Krishna. Thus He is always in pure Krishna consciousness, which is pure consciousness. So in pure Krishna consciousness, one realizes Vaasudeva without any covering. Every acharya has given their meaning of the word or satvam or vishuddha satvam. Basically, they are saying that it is transcendental, and that refers to the totality of all strength and knowledge. It is the state of pure goodness known as Vasudeva. So Krishna’s mother and father abode, house, bedding, seats, and so on, are all transformations of shuddha satva. So all these qualities of shuddha satva are just a portion of the expansion of Nityananda Balaram. Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga Jaya Nitai Gauranga! The Lord ‘s names, form, qualities, associates and pastimes are all transcendental. He is not impersonal or devoid of spiritual variegatedness. A conditioned soul who is averse to the Personality of Godhead cannot comprehend the Lord with his material imagination, by the mental speculation, which is a product of material qualities and faults. The Lord is known as Adhokshaja, beyond any material conception. So we as His parts and parcels, we are also transcendental and superior to material energy, of material nature. So the Lord manifests wonderful pastimes, just as His mercy to give us pleasure. Since we have our limitations, when we see the Lord manifest His pastimes which are unlimited, we feel very happy! Do you feel happy? Haribol! They are not showing the devotees. The devotees’ happiness should be seen by the world! Haribol! Nitai! Nityananda Ram ki jai!

So the word used here is taranga, waves. So the waves of His pastimes where He is most powerful like a lion, extremely powerful, to give pleasure to His associates and devotees, with waves of transcendental pastimes. This is His causeless mercy and pleasure. Just as the ocean has unlimited waves, the Lord has unlimited pastimes. And the word Simha can also mean Lord Nrsimhadeva, who could also be Sri Varahadev. Mahabali means powerfully magnanimous. So the associates could be Prahlad for Nrsimhadev, the munis for Brahma, or the earth for Varahadev. So this description of the Lord’s amazing manifestations are just to give us appreciation for how great Lord Balaram is! Krishna is the svayam Personality of Godhead, and Balaram is His svayam prakash or His personal expansion. So Balaram then manifests all the rest that are described here like Anantadeva, Mahavishnu, Supersoul, Garbodakashaayi Vishnu, and so many others. So although Lord Nityananda as the servitor of Lord Caitanya, He goes house to house, begging people to chant Hare Krishna. We should appreciate how great a thing that is! How merciful, how magnanimous He is! How He wants that the conditioned souls in this material world regain their spiritual perfection. So knowing this secret of the Lord’s personal pastimes, who will not take His mercy? Who will not take the shelter of Him? And get out of this material repetition of birth and death and taste the nectar of His pastimes? Shei rase majhiya mukhe bolo Hari Hari! So any question?

Krishna Kishora prabhu question?

Question: Raar desh how is it connected with Ganga not being there? What does Raar mean?

Guru maharaj: That is the meaning. You see, there are two ds in Sanskrit. There are two ds – there is a d with a dot under it, and there is one d without dot. This is a d with a dot under it. That is called Radh desh. Radha has no dot under it, Radha. (Krishna Kishora – So Radh means where the Ganges does not flow?) Yes. When you write in English, it becomes Radh if you don’t put the dot. So that’s why they say Radha desh.

Question: You described about creation, maintenance and destruction, so where were we in our past life in creation, maintenance and destruction, and where are we now?

Guru maharaj: Right now we are in sthithi. When Lord Brahma creates the world, there is shristhi. When Shiva dissolves the world that is pralaya. Right now we are in sthithi and when it is pralaya, you will come to know! Everything will be flooded, burnt or finished.

We got a question from internet

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj, why do they install Anantadeva before constructing a temple? Mangalamayi Malini devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: Since Anantadev holds the whole universe on His head, so the fact is that we install Anantadeva, to hold the temple on His head, that is very auspicious. So we only we have Anantadeva installed when we are construction a temple to Lord Vishnu, but otherwise when we do a house or some ordinary thing, that is another ceremony.

Question: Sometime we hear some devotee say that Haridas Thakur was born in the family of Mohammadan community, but sometime they say he was part of the Hindu community?

Guru maharaj: Shaastras say that he took birth in a Muslim family and when Lord Brahma prayed to Lord Caitanya, that he had stolen His calves and cowherd boys, and put them in a cave, so he was already in the second half of his life, but he still committed these offences, so he wanted to be freed from the offences and as being associate in the spiritual pastimes of Lord Gauranga and have pure love of Krishna. So Lord Caitanya said to be born in a Muslim family or Hindu family. I never heard any other version. That he would be a Namacharya and he would chant 300 thousand names a day. By being born in a non-Hindu family, he would be taught humility and by chanting Hare Krishna 300 thousand times, he would awaken his pure love of Krishna and he would be Lord Caitanya’s associate. So all these things happened. Last question.

Question: In treta, dvapara, other yugas, Lord Krishna and Balaram were born together, and in the next yuga, Rama and Lakshman, but in kali yuga why Lord Nityananda and Caitanya were not born together in the same family?

Guru maharaj: This question has been asked several times. Of course, we are not anyone to ask the Lord, why He does what He does! He is completely independent. But in any case, Lord Balaram’s expansion as Maha Sankarshana appeared as the elder brother of Lord Caitanya, Vishwarupa and Vishwarupa took sanyas and left. So then Lord Nityananda joined Lord Caitanya, when He started the sankirtan movement. So this is the variegated way of His pastimes. They are completely amazing. We cannot say why the Lord does what He does. Even later on we can speculate, but we really don’t know all the reasons. Lord Nityananda visited many holy places while Lord Caitanya was dong His scholastic lilas as Nimai Pandit, and together they joined up and Lord Caitanya accepted that He is My brother. Obviously, He was not born in the same family. In Krishna leela Balaram was the older brother and in Ram lila, Balaram, He was Lakshman as the younger brother, why? But Lord Balaram said that being the younger brother was too much! Because Krishna is independent, He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, at least if He is the older brother, he has some little control! But any way, these are the amazing aspects of the Lord’s pastimes. So in one sense He did appear as His expansion, Vishwarupa and their pastimes are not foreseeable, but this is how it will be. Every time, something amazing! When Varahadev appeared He came from Brahma’s nose as a piece of phlegm, aachoo! and then he was a small boar, size of a flea, got bigger and bigger and became so big that he could carry the earth on His tusk. Why did He appear that way? Because He is independent and He can do whatever He wants and when He appeared in this way, He gave pleasure to His devotees. I feel pleasure, hearing the amazing pastime of the Lord, how He appeared so small and He grew bigger, bigger, BIGGER!

So now group photo.

Shyamarasika das prabhu: Guru maharaj, one couple they are getting engaged, they are seeking blessings – your disciples, Sukirti Caitanya das and Premamayi Radha devi dasi, they are sitting there.

Guru maharaj: All Blessings to Sukirti Caitanya das and Premamayi Radha devi dasi who are about to get married in the near future.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
05 April 2019