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So the safari is at Kanainaathshaala today. Marici das asked me to send some text up regarding Kanainaathshaala. I will do that here and you will send it up? After that we will continue with our Caitanya lila book.

So Lord Caitanya visited Kanainaathshaala possibly three times. On the way to Gaya, where He did the pindi for His father and there He took initiation from Ishwara Puri Maharaj. While going back after getting initiation He started to manifest symptoms of KRISHNA PREMA! Haribol! So on the way back, it says that while He was in Kanainaathashaala – Kanai means Krishna and Naatshaala means pastime, place or place of drama. So Kanainaathshaala is Krishna’s pastime place. Lord Caitanya was sitting there, this time as a grihastha, heading back to Navadvip. He saw in a distance a cowherd boy playing on His flute, and He was dancing and coming closer. He saw that He had worn yellow dhoti with a red sash, and chaddar, garland, turban and He came closer and He saw a peacock feather on His turban. He came closer and closer, He saw that He had shark shaped ear rings and He came closer and He was sure that He was Krishna! And His hairs were standing on end. He saw Krishna, Krishna playing on His flute, dancing and came closer and closer until He came right up to Lord Caitanya and embraced. Him. Lord Caitanya was overwhelmed. He had achieved Krishna and then Krishna left Him. He ran after Krishna, Krishna, please, please, don’t go, don’t go Krishna DON’T GO KRISHNA PLEASE, KRISHNA! But Krishna ran too fast and went behind the tree and disappeared. Lord Caitanya went to that tree, that tree is still there in Kanainaathshaala. He couldn’t see Krishna. He fell on the ground and He was suffering from separation from Krishna. He was rolling on the ground. So all this places are there in Kanainaathshaala. It is over a hillock overlooking the Ganges. I don’t know what it was like 500 years ago, but now there is kind of a barrage kind of a dam, technically a barrage is different than a dam, but the water is still backed up. So in Kanainaathshaala, which is maybe 20 miles from Farakka, Ganges is about 6 km or more, wide. So safari showed that there was a hail storm while they were crossing the Ganges. Hail means big pieces of ice struck the Ganges water, splashing. But they survived the hail storm. Now they are in Kanainaatshaala. After Lord Caitanya took sanyas He went to Jagannath Puri and after ten years He decided to go to Vrndavan. On the way he saw Rupa and Sanatan in Ramkeli. Then He went, and at that time, thousands of people were with Him. So Sanatan Goswami said, please move on because if the Muslim emperor if he sees, who knows what he will do if he seems them chanting and moving. But Lord Caitanya said don’t worry about Me. I am in control of everything! Then the Nawab Hussain Shah, the emperor asked who is this Lord Caitanya? A devotee, some minister said to the emperor, you are the representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you are protecting all the people. So you can say, what do you think? He said, I think that Caitanya Mahaprabhu is non-different from Allah. So Nawabji, what makes you say that? You see, why do you all work for me? My generals, my soldiers, why are they working? We love you sir, we love you. No, I pay them. But if I don’t pay them they wouldn’t not work. In fact, I don’t know even if my queen will work form me if I don’t give her gifts! But this Caitanya, people are following Him and He doesn’t give them anything. Even the ministers and big people are following. But He doesn’t give anybody anything material. So I think He must be non-different from Allah because only Allah has people work for him without anything. So Lord Caitanya went on from them there, at that time, I think it was Nrsinga Brahmachari, he was making a path for Lord Caitanya to walk on, but He got up to as far as Kanainaathshaala and could not make further path. Then he said. I think that Lord Caitanya just goes up to Kanainaathshaala. So sure enough He was there and thousands of people and Rupa and Sanatan told Him that it is not good to go to Vrndavan with a big crowd of people. You should go to Vrndavan only with a few devotees and taste the nectar of Krishna’s pastimes there. With a good crowd you will be unable to do that. So Lord Caitanya went back from Kanainaathshaala to Jagannath Puri. So two or three times, sure it was two times, He visited Kanainaathshaala, His lotus foot print placed there by Om Vishnupad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur, and there is ancient footprint of Radha and Krishna. You can touch Their foot prints and be transported to the spiritual world. Iskcon has taken over this place, deities of Sri Sri Radha Kanhailaala and Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu were installed in 1997 with the help of the Safari. Haribol! So you send that to Marici das. And our best wishes to all the members of the safari.

Caitanya Book:

Today some eunuchs challenge, Balaram’s raasa lila is described in which shaastra? So it says that the impersonalists, mayawadis, they think that Balaram’s raasa lila is uncorroborated by the Vedic scriptures. These impersonalists give up material enjoyment but they are unable to enter the raasa lila which is the destination of pure souls. So they are compared to eunuchs who abstain from sense gratification, but unnaturally, unwillingly. Similarly, the impersonalists are not able to enter in to devotional service and the five types of rasas to the Supreme Lord. That is why the impersonalist sanyasis are known as eunuchs. It is a critical statement.

Some sinful persons, even if they see the evidence in the shaastra, they don’t accept this pastime. They give some false interpretation of the scriptures, and come up with a different meaning, and say that Balaram did not perform raasa lila. So to distort the meaning of the scriptures is an offence to the holy name – it is cheating. So in order to realize the Absolute Truth, one should be free of having a sinful heart. So the faithless persons are always confused when they try to realizes the Absolute Truth. Instead of accepting the scripture and description of the goal of life, they distort the meanings of the scriptures.

So Lord Balaram known as Balai, is the dear most to Caitanyachandra. If someone commits an offence to His lotus feet, that person is destroyed, he is vanquished. So somehow Advaita Gosain‘s sons were like Acyutananda and others, were faithful to Lord Nityananda. So break in audio here But, two of the other sons of Advaita sometimes accepted the guidance of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. There is no mention that they respected Nityananda Prabhu. So one son of Advaita Acharya was called Balaram. His son was named Madhusudhana, and that Madhusudhana was particularly affectionate to the smaartha, Raghunandan Bhattacharya. So the son of Madhusudhana, Radharaman Bhattacharya, he followed the path of the smaarthas, and became faithless towards Nityananda Prabhu. So the author of Caitanya Bhagavat, maybe directing the verses 38-42 to such people, and such comments are inapplicable to the so called unqualified descendants of Nityananda, Nityananda’s disciples.

So this is the end of the chapter, Further narration of Nityananda Prabhu, under the section Meeting of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.

So in the Caitanya Caritamrita 12th chapter it mentions that Advaita Gosain had 6 sons. 3 became devotees and 3 were smaarthas, that means, they just follow the rules and regulations without devotion for the Lord. Prabhupad discusses in the 12th chapter of Caitanya Caritamrita, how this can also be applied to the followers of Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad, who did not follow his instructions. So this is a controversial section. Gaudiya Matths said that we should change it because Prabhupad says that some Gaudiya Matths which failed to follow Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada are asaara. But we say we cannot change it because it is written by our gurudev. In the end, it seems that all the disciples of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad are all gone, at least all the sanyasi disciples. So Prabhupad wanted us to be very dedicated to following his instructions. Any questions.?

Question: PAMRO, Guru maharaj: Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, being Supreme Personality of Godhead, did not put on effort to take Haridas Thakur into Sri Jagannath Puri temple. Haridas Thakur was a pure devotee and chanting Harinaam 3 lakh times per day and Haridas Thakur also did not show interest to enter the Jagannath Puri temple. Can I hear the reason and lessons from this incident? Your insignificant disciple, Satyamedha das, Kerala

Guru maharaj: Lord Caitanya was presenting Himself as a devotee. So, the system in Jagannath Puri was that the Hindus could enter the temple. Since Haridas Thakur was born in a Muslim family, he did not try to enter. But now they know that Lord Caitanya was Himself Krishna, that He was an avatar. At that time because He was a playing as a devotee, He did not push. But subsequently when the people in Puri they understood that He was an avatar, He had predicted that his holy names will be chanted all over the world and in Jagannath Puri. Prithvi the aache joto nagar aadi graam, sarvatra prachaar hoibe mora naam. In every town and village in the entire planet, there will be chanting of My holy names. So Prabhupad was saying that today, if the pandas don’t let the followers of Lord Caitanya to enter the temple, they are being offensive to Lord Caitanya. The temple of Jagannath Puri was inaugurated by Lord Brahma and Haridas Thakur is an incarnation of Lord Brahma. At that time, he didn’t push to go into the temple. But now they should understand and try to make up for it.

Question: Hare Krishna Guru maharaj, (guru maharaj said: Hare Krishna spiritual daughter), You were saying that the smaartha brahmanas they follow the rules and regulations but they don’t have devotion. So what makes the difference if I follow the rules but I don’t have devotion. Won’t we develop devotion by following the rules and regulations consistently?

Guru maharaj: They follow the rules which are given in certain scriptures, so that they can get good karma. So that is why they can enjoy material life. They don’t actually want to serve Krishna, and they don’t read or accept the vaishnava shaastras. So like in South India smarthas have the name Iyer. And the vaishnava brahmins have the name Iyengar, so there is a difference between the two. So in these verses we were reading, the smarthas they don’t accept Balaram, they don’t accept Lord Nityananda. Although His glories are given in the vaishnava puranas. So like that Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad, he had many debates with the smaartha brahmanas. And they were very offensive. They were saying that Lord Caitanya is not an avatar. Even though there are many verses that reveal that. They wouldn’t accept such verses. So the smarthas they follow different rules and regulations than we do. Their focus is on getting good karma – not pleasing the Lord. That is clear?

Question: Dearest Gur maharaj, Dandavat pranams. A devotee is para dukkha dukhi, distressed at seeing others distressed. At the same time Lord Krishna says, “a devotee should be sama dukkha samam dhiram, equipoised in sukha and dukkha.” Please explain how it is so? Thank you so much. Your servant, Lalitangii Radha devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: You see the sama dukha sukha dhiram is regarding the devotee’s personal tolerance to the situation of happiness and distress. It is different than seeing others. Para dukkha dukhi. Para means others, seeing others distressed as distressing, or being distressed at others’ distress. So for our own happiness and distress, we should be tolerating and equipoised. But when we see others suffering, our heart goes out to them, and we want to help them. That is why we give the Hare Krishna mantra to everyone to chant, so that they can avoid distress. They can awaken their dormant Krishna consciousness. Is that alright, Lalitangi Radha devi dasi? She is on internet?

Kaivalya Chandrika and Giteshwari Vishnupriya, recently they had the fourth anniversary of their initiation. So we would like to wish them all a happy fourth anniversary of their initiation, and also Lalita, she says, thank you so much guru maharaj! What is her spiritual name? Lalitangi Radha devi dasi.

Question: Hare Krishna guru maharaj. What is the difference between Lord Krishna and Balaram, They are one but there is a difference in the mood and other attributes So what is the difference between the devotees of Balaram and devotees of Krishna? And how Lord Balaram’s devotees would see Lord Krishna, if there is a difference?

Guru maharaj: Krishna is the svayam rupa. He is the original form of Godhead and Balaram is svayam prakash, He is the original expansion of Krishna. So generally Balaram, He acts to support Krishna’s pastimes. That is why He is considered to be the first guru and many things are delegated to the form of Balaram, like all the expansions of Krishna come from Balaram. He is the source of the Purusha avatars. He is the source of the Moola Sankarshan, who is the source of all the jivas and shelter for all the jivas. So the devotees of Balaram would be naturally, since their master is taking a service to Lord Krishna, naturally they also see Krishna in the same light. The rasa of the devotees of Krishna may be in certain ways and Balaram’s in other ways. But Vrndavandas Thakur, he wanted to show that the basic rasas that Krishna enjoys, Balaram as His first expansion, also enjoys.
There is one Godhead, but He has many forms. So depending on the form, depending on the mood, They also have that attitude. So like Nrsimhadev, He is very angry and He cannot tolerate His devotees being persecuted. He looks at the demons who harass His devotees. Like when Lord Caitanya heard the Vishnusahasranam nd the Nrsimha naam came up, He ran into the street with His stick and said where are the demons? Where are the demons? People say Him in an angry mood with a stick, and they ran. So He saw the people running and He told Murari Gupta this, I went into the street and I frightened all the people. Murari Gupta said that by seeing Your form in this way they are all liberated! Lord Caitanya’s mood is mercy, and that is the mood that He reciprocates with his devotees. So the different forms of different avatars have specific moods. Just like, we are small people, we are jivas, we have different moods, sometime anger, sometime happy. But the Lord He has different form for each mood. Ha! So angry form, happy form all kind of forms, unlimited forms because He has unlimited moods! So Lord Caitanya has His mercy mood and also He relishes the internal pastimes. Lord Nityananda is especially told by Lord Caitanya, to give out the mercy. So that is His mood.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
02 April 2019