Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

So today the safari went to Malda and Ramkeli. Ramkeli is a place where Rupa and Sanatan lived. When Sanatan Goswami was the prime minister and Rupa Goswami was the finance minister of Hussain Shah. The deities are there which they worshipped, and also that was the birthplace of Sri Jiva Goswami. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Charity Trust built some place for Jiva Goswami’s deities. There is a big lake called the Rup Sagar in which devotees would bathe in. Must be 300 m long by 200 m wide. So ladies would bathe on one side and men on the other side. And like that there is also Sanatan Sagar but that is somewhere else. Also there is a Radha Kunda Shyam Kunda by the temple. So I mentioned something last night, was I here last night? Maybe night before. In the month of May, they have a big gathering there. But many Baul musicians meet there. They are considered one of the apasampradayas. Although Bhakti Vinod Thakur, he composed some songs in the Baul style. Because Baul music was very popular in the last century. They have like a bongo drum with one wire and it is attached to the skin of the bongo thru that wire, squeeze they bamboo sticks on both sides and they make a uuuum uuuum sound and they have a string and they squeeze the bamboos and make uuuum sound and they sing crazy songs! Bhakti Vinod Thakur, he came up with a Baul song, with vaishnava lyrics. And similarly in Bangladesh Krishna Kirtan das brahmachari, he came up with some Baul songs, Krishna conscious. But I am not doing justice, but it is interesting. We call that instrument ek tara, single string. Do we have anyone one in Mayapur who knows how to play this ek tara? There is one person, Jana Priya. Pujari? Maybe we can have him come up and play sometime. So I tried the revival movement last night and asking the people to chant at least one round. How many agreed? Like one thousand plus. Last night he said 3000! 500 thousand people gathered. Many people were already chanting. So new people, at least one thousand. So this has lot of promise. We sing this namahatta song. Nadiya Godrume Nityananda Mahajan paati aache naama hatta jivera kaaran. Shraddhavan hei Shraddhavan jan he, prabhura ajnaay bhai maagi ei bhikkha, bolo Krishna, bhajo Krishna, koro Krishna shikha. Lord Caitanya’s system was very simple. Chant Hare Krishna, bolo Krishna, bhajo Krishna, worship and serve Lord Krishna. Koro Krishna shikha. Read Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita, book distribution. So chanting, CDM is Congregational Development Ministry and book distribution. Haribol! Aparadh sunyo hoi loho Krishna naam, Krishna maata Krishna pita Krishna dhana praan. Krishnera samsara koro chaadi anaachar, jive doya Krishna naam sarva dharma saar. So we say Krishner samsara koro means, they take it as husband and wife, married life, in a grihastha life they serve together, keep Krishna in the centre. chaadi anaachar, give up sinful activities. Mercy to the fallen souls, chanting the holy names, this is the essence of all religions. Bhakti Vinod Thakur’s song. So we use this song, also amongst other references, to encourage people to chant, and we had about 5000 people and I saw everybody raised their hands. How many were new and how many were existing I don’t know. So he says, whether you are a grihastha or brahmachari, or vaanaprastha, if you like the path of pravritti, positive use of material situation then you become a grihastha, brahmachari or vaanaprastha. If you are inclined to the path of nivritti, renunciation of material possessions, then you can be a sanyasi. Give up all sinful activities, offer your body, home, wife, children, wealth, unto Sri Krishna. Living in Krishna’s world, perform all your actions by dove tailing your senses and mind, with the topic of Krishna. The supreme nectar, parama amrita or favorable service rendered unto Lord Krishna, will gradually become thickened until it breaks through your two bodies, the gross and subtle, and will FINALY CAUSE YOUR ETERNAL SPIRITUAL FORM, APRAKRITA SWARUP TO AGAIN AWAKEN! Things which are anaachar, should be avoided – theft, speaking lies, cheating, hostility, lust, inflicting bodily harm, duplicitous politics and so forth. Abandoning all of these, just resort to pious means and spend your life in Krishna’s world. The ultimate statement is thus showing mercy to all living beings, living a pure lifestyle and chant the holy names of Krishna. Krishna naam and Lord Krishna Himself are no different. Krishna in the form of His names, forms, attributes and pastimes, naam rupa, guna and lila, will personally reveal Himself thru the vision of the eyes of your siddha swarupa – thru your spiritual body. Surely in a few days your chit swarupa will awaken and you will remain floating in the ocean of eternal, sweet Krishna Prema! Bhakti Vinod Thakur! Haribol!

Now Caitanya Book.

After listening to the Srimad Bhagavatam, if one does not have any affection or love for Lord Balaram, he is rejected by both Vishnu and the vaishnavas. He is what they say, he is outside the path of devotional service. So when we understand the transcendental position of the Lord and His expansions as the three Purusha avatars – Maha Vishnu, Garbodhakshaayi Vishnu and Kshirodakshaayi Vishnu, then the Lord awakens His transcendental vision in the heart, when he understands these forms are transcendental. He understands that Lord Krishna and His expansion are sat cit and ananda – full of eternity, consciousness and bliss. So Maha Vishnu creates all the material, all matter and when Garbodhakshaayi Vishnu is situated in each universe, He gives birth to Lord Brahma, and the third, Kshirodakshaayi Vishnu is the Supersoul in the heart of every living entity. One who knows the three Purushas is certainly liberated from the CLUTHCES OF MAYA! Nitai! Nitai!

One who does not accept the Srimad Bhagavatam, he is equal to a yaavana. He is punished by Yamaraj birth after birth. In the Padma Purana it says that one can understand the topics of the Supreme Lord by reading Srimad Bhagavatam. The Bhagavat Purana reveals the actual purport of the Vedas. In the various vaishnava puranas, there are similar statements. If someone considers the Srimad Bhagavatam more dear than his own life, he will never suffer the punishment of Yamaraj even in a hundred kalpas! Haribol! So if you want to go to hell, don’t consider the Srimad Bhagavatam dear! Because if you consider the Bhagavatam very dear, you cannot see hell! Sorry! If there is a family and it obstructs one of the family members from reading and accepting the Srimad Bhagavatam, then hundred generations of that family will suffer in hell. Someone asked me what to do, my parents are obstructing me to chant and read Bhagavatam, I have to hide it. They should read Padma Purana, Uttara Khanda, then they won’t obstruct you! Because if they do, they become Yamaraj’s customers! Apparently Indra said, that if someone had never heard the topics of the Srimad Bhagavatam, he is simply a burden for the earth. Although living, he is actually dead. So by giving out the Bhagavatam, you are actually giving people life! From the Mahabharata, King curses Vaasu, he will be the king of chandalas, yaavanas and so on. The descendants of Yadu maharaj are called as yadavas, kshatriyas and the descendants of Tiravaasu are yaavanas. Those people who eat cow meat, who always speak critically and are devoid of proper conduct are called mlecchas. So we see how Prabhupad was actually saving the people from very sinful lives. He ws giving them real life. Once I was sitting with Prabhupad in the airport, and people were rushing by to catch their flights. Or to go to the counter to get the boarding pass. Prabhupad said, these people, although living, they are actually dead! Real life begins when you have Krishna consciousness. Some devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. People who don’t have that, they are considered as living dead. So Prabhupad actually gave life to the people in the western world, all over the world. So people, even in India they are following the west, we are trying to get them to take up the chanting. It is not so difficult, and this is what Lord Nityananda did, He flooded the eastern India with His sankirtan movement. But since 500 years, there has been a decrease in God consciousness. So now with Prabhupad’s mercy we are trying to revive that. Hare Krishna.

Any questions?

Question: If you can comment on the initial days of devotees in making songs in the local language.

Gur maharaj: Music is a universal language. So the devotees by making Krishna conscious songs in this way they could expose people to Krishna’s teachings. In Assam, Shankardev he uses dramas. So you find different devotees, some use music, some use drama, different systems to spread the teaching of Lord Krishna. So in some places, people would not like to listen to lecturers but they like music. So music can be used to spread the teaching of Krishna. So you have to use your intelligence what is the way to interest the people. Sometimes people are inspired by poetry. So you can describe something connected to Krishna using poetry. So now like Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupad Thakur he said, praana ache jaar, sei hetu prachar. Those who have spiritual life, they want to preach the message of Krishna. So like that devotees should think how they can help people become Krishna conscious. Saving them from suffering bad karmas. Saving them from having to go a hellish existence. You see in the news channels; some people are subjected to hell on earth. You see these Middle East some places people have no food, they are bombed with chemical weapons, all kinds of weird things. Even on earth they have hellish conditions, then they want to go to Europe, so they go on these boats. Sometimes boats sink, and it says that something like there are 10 million slaves in the modern world, Girls that try to get to Europe, they kidnap them and auction them in the open market. Not only girls, but young boys also. They say on the news channels 10 million people are slaves today. Even in America they do trafficking, I don’t know I haven’t seen but that is what the news channels say. So even on earth there are hellish conditions. To be born in that situation is due to lots of bad karma and you can compose a song which will help people to know about Krishna, and that they don’t have to be in this hellish situation again. Haribol!

So it is late. How many Chinese are here? Three. How many Russians? 3. How many Spanish? About 9 – 10. We have room for one more group next year for parikrama, who will that be? We have six groups and seven camps. Would it be Latin America or the South India? America? Chinese? Russian, Gita Course 2, Namahatta, Hindi and International, one more, who would be the next. How is your Papamochana Ekadasi? Oh! Yamaraj he offers his obeisances to Vishnu and vaishnavas. Tomorrow is Agradvip Mela. This is about 10-20 km north to the island and there one of the associates of Lord Caitanya, he was told to be a grihastha. Then his wife and son died, so he was not serving the deity Govinda very well. He was very disturbed. Then Govinda said, why are you disturbed? He said that, well, Lord Caitanya thought I was not qualified to be a renunciant. So I got married, but my wife died and son died, Then Govinda said, I am your son, I am still here. But You are not that kind of son. My son would have done the pindi daan for me, the shraadha for me. And then, even though I am not qualified I will have been saved by his puja. So the Lord said, I will do that for you. How will you do that? Will you call all the village leaders? The Lord said call the village leaders. Then He told them, the stone deity talked to them that on the death anniversary of My devotee, I will do the pindi for him. Write down in the village history or whatever. So since 500 years, Gopinath is taken to the tomb of Govinda Gosh and tomorrow is the thithi and he does the shraadha ceremony. One year we took the safari there. I was brought inside the tomb by one of the pujaris and I saw the ceremony. But meanwhile, outside, one side was ladies and one side men, there was a lady who was sticking her head in thru the curtain and see what was going on. Some other lady grabbed her hair and there was like a war going on outside. Ganga das was holding the door. He showed after the deity went back, that on his wrist watch there were so many scalps! A piece of the head! This was the external drama. Inside, the deity was offering worship, puja for his devotee. They said that He becomes soft. I mean it was hard but it seemed like that at some point, He became soft! Hundreds of thousands of people gather for this festival. Lots of pick pocketers! But if you could go, it is a great festival. Haribol! Thank you all!

Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
01 April 2019