Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Radha Madhava…
Mukham karoti…

(There was no audio for two minutes)

So today it is raining here but we are giving a class over the internet. In Mayapur, today many devotees arrived. On 1st March they are having a Maha abhishek of the Pancha Tattva. it happens once in five years. So this is a rare opportunity for those who are here. This is a great chance to get the mercy of the Pancha Tattva. Tomorrow is the opening day of the annual SMIS school cultural program. So the devotees have invited me to attend at 1 o clock. Many of the MBB members will also attend. This is a great opportunity to encourage our youth. People are saying that there are many things which we can say about the youth, but one thing is that it is 100% sure is that they are 100% our future! When we are gone they will be here. So we should be very careful, to see that the children born in the Krishna conscious families, grow up Krishna conscious. Here are the two sisters who have come from Delhi, they are taking your words on the internet, that you find difficult to understand me, HIteshwari Vishnu Priya and Kairavachandrika devi dasis. So today we don’t have the setup of the Gauranga lila. So we will have some questions and answers. We are blessed that Ambarish prabhu and Svaha devi dais are here to see that TOVP is progressing, and soon we will be visiting all the EC members of the TOVP exhibits and the planetarium and the creative people. You can send your questions by internet.

The repeater read the names of devotees online. Guru maharaj repeated one name Shilpa! Srimati Jahnava devi dasi! Lilavati!

So gradually some people are coming and it is a cold, dull night. So any questions?

Question: Siddhanta mani Prabhupad das: Hare Krishna guru maharaj, PAMHO. Though we cannot attend Gaura Purnima festival there being in Mayapur, how can we celebrate the same in Nepal?

Guru maharaj: Anywhere in the world you can observe Gaura Purnima by doing abhishek of Gauranga, having a festival, dramas and other things. Take anukalpa prasad at moon rise, and the next day have a feast, known as Jagannath Mishra Mahotsava. Like this you can spend the day chanting Hare Krishna, dancing, having classes, and then about 4 to 6 having abhishek, and when the sun sets and the moon rises take anukalpa prasad. Like this you can observe Gaura Purnima anywhere in the world. Of course here, we have many days of festival.


Madhava kanta das prabhu told Guru maharaj that Seva Padma mataji brought some gift.
Guru maharaj said: Seva Padma?


So we try to increase all our service. Increase the quality, increase the quantity.

Are there any questions?

Question: As householders we do service to our deities in our home, but many times we become lax in our service because we do not regard that the Lord is really there. How to avoid this mentality and realize that Krishna is really in our house? Your spiritual daughter, Phaneshwari Lakshmi devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: Thank you Phaneshwari Lakshmi devi dasi, you are staying in California, near San Diego. So one thing is every day if you pray to the deities then we can remind ourselves that the deities are actually Krishna’s avatar. They are called as the archa avatar, and therefore we worship the Lord in His archa avatar form because we cannot see him in His spiritual form because we are not qualified yet, so He appears in the worshipable deity form and offering prayers, offering worship, you should remind yourselves that the Lord is present and is accepting your worship. Haribol! Thank you Phaneshwari Lakshmi devi dasi.

114 on line.

Question: There is one! If the grihastha has deity at home and they go travelling, what standard does he follow, what to do with the deity at home?

Guru maharaj: Is there is someone at home who can worship the deities when you are travelling? No. You can either take them with you and worship them every day, or you can put them to sleep and worship them mentally. Do a kind of mental puja. Or you can give Them to some other grihastha when you are travelling, so they can worship Them with their deities. Haribol!

So we will have the introductions, and what service you are doing nowadays. I will move up there. Is Krishna Kishora or Ekanatha das here. Madhava Kanta das, are you present?

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
27 February 2019