Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…

Audi started abruptly

.locally with a new doctor. So I put some publication on Facebook but someone put it up without editing it, then they edited it. So I hope it makes sense now! One thing I suggested was that my Twitters should be seen by the organizers of the different languages so they can print those in Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, etc. since Twitter is only in English. So the English Facebook readers have to join Twitter if they want to read tweets. I have over a hundred thousand Facebook likes, but Twitter only 1500. So I am going to put up tweets which I will not give on Facebook so that if you want to see them, you have to join Twitter also. Twitter, they allow only 160 words or something. So today I also had a Twitter. So introductions now.

Sitaram, how are you? How is Perth? (Devotees said: Good, we are waiting for you.) As I said, after one year. That is August 15th. And they said I can travel to Malaysia, nearby, Middle East, next month. (Devotee: Oh good, Malaysia means you can come to Perth also.) We have been marketing Middle East and Malaysia, it is only two to three hours’ flight. But Australia. Malaysia is five hours and America is only twelve hours! Ha! (Krishna Kishora das said: guru maharaj for you three hours is not much because from here to Kolkata is three hours). Ha! Ha! It took me about five!

Devotees from the UK. Hare Krishna. Sachinandan Karuna das here and Bhakti Priya devi dasi. You have come from the UK. You are here for two weeks. (Sachinandan Karuna das -We were living in Northampton where we were doing namahatta. Now we are back to London. We came here because my father gifted us tickets to come here.) Swaagatam. ( Sachinandana Karuna das: This is my daughter Jahnava.) Haribol! 18 months old. She is very tall. One way to make devotees. (Sachinandan Karuna das: With your blessings guru maharaj.) Haribol! So is Bhakti Priya going to contact her friends from Manipal? (Bhakti Priya dd: Yes, guru maharaj, many of them are here. Also guru maharaj, Shreya from the UK took initiation during Gaura Purnima.) Alright, very nice to see you!

Hare Krishna guru maharaj: Kate is coming with Radha Padmini dd to stand with her otherwise she will faint. (Devotee Kate: I have come for your Vyasa puja.) Thank you. Are you happy? (Devotee Kate said: Very happy, very happy.) Do you know how fortunate all the devotees here are? To be in the place where Lord Caitanya walked! Haribol! (Devotee Kate: I have come from the UK. I have Bhakti Vriksha and other outreach programs there.) You are leader of Bhakti Vriksha there? Yes. I owe it to you and Gaur Nitai das and other western devotees there.) Very nice. I need mercy! (Devotee said: I beg you for mercy!) Let us all give a big welcome to all those newly arrived devotees here Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.(Devotee Kate: I am very lucky to be here guru maharaj) We are very lucky to have you! We hope you get empowered by Lord Caitanya, so you make more and more devotees!

Those were the introductions for tonight.

I took rest late and woke up early exactly at 4.25 am. And thought, oh, I got time for mangala arati in Mayapur and for five minutes everything was dark. I just saw people walking through the door and then saw the red curtains and the pujari came out and blew the conch shell and the curtains opened. Then we saw them – there were the Pancha Tattva, Radha Madhav Ashta Sakhi, and mangala arati started. So I was thinking that how wonderful Prabhupad is. He gave us a way that we start our day seeing the deities, doing kirtan and dancing. Now there is a new internet feature, you can participate, no matter where you are. So it is very wonderful to see the deities, see Pancha Tattva, see Prahlad Nrsimha. We were discussing that different avatars come to give bliss to the devotees. That is why one of Nrsimha’s names is Prahlad Ananda as He gives Ananda to Prahlad. One of Krishna’s names is Yashodanandana as He gives pleasure to Yashoda. I was thinking also that in the beginning of Lord Caitanya’s pastimes, He is called as Gaura Narayana as he was acting as Narayana and He had Bhudevi and Sridevi as His shaktis. Sridevi was Lakshmi Priya and Bhudevi was Vishnu Priya, and third consort is Neela. Neela is Navadvip dham. So we still have Neela here as Navadvip dham. So this dham is one of the energies of Krishna. Haribol! Also, something which you can’t see here is they also have mangala arati of Jagannath Baladev Subhadra. So during the mangala arati, they show Radha Madhav, Pancha Tattva and Jagannath. So I am not supposed to go downstairs because my immunity is very low and it is very crowded. But although I was in Kolkata I could participate and see all the three aratis. So I think how wonderful it is that Prabhupad gave us this culture that we can start our day seeing the archa avatars and participate in the worship and chanting Their holy names. Haribol! So I hope to be a bit more rested up tomorrow and I will give class at 8, Krishna willing!

One group photo.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
12 April 2019