Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

Today is the appearance day of Bajarang Bali Hanumanji ki! So today we went to the hospital for once a month checkup. So when we were coming back we found out that it was Hanuman Jayanti. Normally we would try to visit a Hanuman temple. He was a pure devotee of Lord Rama. He would do anything to please Rama. When he heard that His wife, Sita had kum kum on her forehead, then Hanuman said, why does She do that? They said it makes Lord Rama happy. Oh really, is He happy? Then I will wear kum kum all over. That is why we see the picture of Hanuman with sindoor or kum kum all over His body. When he was a child, he was given all mystic powers by the different devas but being a child, he wanted to swallow the sun, he wanted to do all kinds of mischiefs. So the devas had him forget that he had mystic powers and he didn’t know until Sita was captured by Ravana and it was revealed to him by a rishi that he had all these mystic powers. So then he helped Lord Rama and he was his dedicated servitor. So he had an unparalleled service attitude. He asked what service could he do for Lord Rama? So Rama said, if I yawn then you can snap your fingers to keep out the different living entities from entering into my mouth So Hanuman was watching Lord Rama awaiting any time that He would yawn. So Lord Rama could not sleep because Hanuman was so intense. So just to please Hanuman he yawned and when He yawned Hanuman snapped his fingers. So like this Hanuman is such a great devotee. So today some million years ago, he appeared and participated in Lord Rama’s pastimes. He is Murari Gupta who assisted Lord Caitanya, he was actually the incarnation of Hanuman. So many of the pure devotees of Lord Krishna, they also came with Lord Caitanya and participated in His pastimes. Jai Hanumanji ki jai! Hanuman ki jai! Jai Bajarang Bali ki jai!

Yesterday we had the service to you all that if there was some word that I pronounced, which was difficult for you to understand, that you would tell me and thus I could practice it and become more expert on it. So today we would like to do the same thing as I give this next class.

So we will go until 9.05 pm.

“Vishwambhar describes how He saw Krishna and lost Krishna”.

Lord Caitanya had gone to Gaya, Bihar, to perform the rituals for His deceased father. There He met Ishwara Puri maharaj and took initiation and after which He started to manifest symptoms of love for Godhead. Then He headed back to Navadvip where by the side of the Ganges He saw Krishna and He will tell how He saw Krishna and how He lost Krishna.

When the Lord regained His external consciousness, He started to grab all the devotees by the neck and that crying and those pastimes, when He regained His external consciousness, I am unable to describe.

So this verse is written by Shri Krishna Karanamrita. He wrote it in Sanskrit. I don’t know Sanskrit.

“Oh my Lord, oh Supreme Personality of Godhead, oh friend of the helpless, You are the only ocean of mercy. Because I have not met You, my inauspicious days and nights have become unbearable. I do not know how shall I pass the time.”

So above verse is elaborated in Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya lila chapter 2 verse 59 and the Lord is discussing His feelings of separation for Krishna. So He is saying that, read the translation:

“How these inauspicious days and nights are not passing for I have not met You. It is difficult to know how to pass all this time but You are the friend of the helpless and an ocean of mercy. Kindly give me Your audience for I am in a precarious position. “

Where will I find Krishna who plays on His flute? Where will I go to find Krishna who plays on His flute? As Vishwambhar said this, He sighed deeply and He cried incessantly. This is from Madhya lila chapter 2 verse 15. So in Madhya lila and in the Antya Lila, chapter 25 15.24 and 17.53 it is stated that the Lord would cry, oh my Lord Krishna, my life and soul, son of Maharaja Nanda, where shall I go? Where shall I find and attain You? Oh Supreme Personality who plays with flute to Your mouth? What shall I do? Where shall I go? Where can I go to get Krishna? Tell Me how I can find Him? How shall I find Krishna? What shall I do? What should I do? Where can I meet Him? If I cannot find Krishna, My life is leaving Me! Haribol!

When the Lord became calm and got control of His faculties, the Lord said to His intimate devotees. Now, I will relate to you topics of My distress.

Prabhu said, the Lord said, there is no end to My sadness, of My distress because after achieving Krishna, the Lord of My life, I then lost Him! So Kanhai refers to Nandanandana the dear son of Nanda Maharaj who is one’s very life.

Everyone was satisfied to hear the Lord revealing the secret of His confidential topics. So with complete respect and faith they all sat around Him, Lord Vishwambhar.

While returning from Gaya I saw a village named as Kanainaathshaala and it was a village, so coming to that place I had darshan, when I saw that place. So Kanainaathshaala is in Jarikhanda state which was previously part of Bihar but they divided Bihar into two – Jarikhanda and Bihar. It is on the river Ganges opposite Malda where Rupa and Sanatana Goswami were working for the emperor Hussain Shah. Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupad Thakur, he tells that there is a temple on a small hill and also how the lotus footprint of Lord Caitanya came there, and he also put the lotus foot prints of Lord Caitanya there. There are also ancient footprints of Radha and Kanhai. For over 300 years the Ramanandi sect of Rama bhaktas were in charge of that place. But they were told that if they were not able to take care of the deities, they should give the holy place to the most prominent Gaudiya vaishnava preacher. So the deities were stolen and the 90 plus elderly mahanta came to Mayapur to the Iskcon premises because he heard that His Divine Grace Abhay Charan Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupad, was the greatest exponent of Gaudiya vaishnavism in the modern world. So he came and he wanted to give over the temple to Iskcon. So then the only process for taking charge of the temple was that someone had to be appointed as the next mahanta, so Jayapataka Swami maharaj was given the empowerment as the next mahanta on behalf of Iskcon and Prabhupad! So since then we have been responsible for the seva puja of the deities and the holy place. We installed a new Radha Krishna deities with Caitanya Mahaprabhu and that time the safari from Mayapur came and brought water from the Ganges up to the top of the hill and with that water we bathed the deities. With our pujaris from Mayapur, we did a grand installation. The Ramanandis like to do fire yagna. So they did a fire yagna also and the previous mahanta confided in me that Kanainaathshaala is on top of millions of dollars of China clay. That is white clay which can be made into fine porcelain. So he thought that his own disciples may sell it off and keep the money. So he had faith that we would not do that. Since then, and then he passed way, we are still maintaining the ancient place of Kanainaathshaala and the Jharkhand government has built some guest rooms and facilities there, because of all the foreigners who were coming to visit this holy place, they didn’t t have too many holy places. This is one of the rare places and they wanted to develop it. So if you have not visited Kanainaathshaala, you should do it, it is a beautiful place, surrounded by forests and trees. That place is just a few miles away from the Farakka barrage where the Ganges is about 6-8 km wide, it comes right up to the place of the hill. But it extends there to 6-8 km.

I think we will stop here. From here Lord Caitanya starts to tell about His seeing Lord Krishna. So if we start we cannot stop. So we will start tomorrow and go through the whole pastime. Alright? ALRIGHT? ARE YOU ARE ALRIGHT?!

Any questions?

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Marici das! Our leader of the Safari! Do you remember going to Kanainaathsaala?

Any relevant questions?

Question: It is stated that Lord Caitanya brought topmost love of Godhead thru Hare Krishna Mahamantra but Srivas, Advaita, Haridas Thakur etc. devotees used to chant the Mahamantra before the Lord’s appearance and different scriptures also predicted about Hare Krishna mantra. What was the first, who was the first introducer of the Mahamantra in this age? Souradev Babu

Guru maharaj: Chanting the name is one thing, but to chant it offenselessly without offenses is the real secret. That is when you awaken your love for Krishna. So Lord Caitanya when He introduced the chanting, by chanting His name first, one is absolved of most of the offenses. So in this way one can get unlimited mercy from Lord Caitanya. But even in other yugas, by chanting the holy names one got delivered. Like Ajamila, he chanted the name of his son Narayana, and remembered the original Narayana, so he got delivered. There was a lady that became a prostitute when her husband died. She had a parrot who chanted Rama Rama and she would chant with the parrot Rama and Rama and the parrot would answer Rama Rama and she said Rama Rama and the parrot would answer Rama Rama. In this way there was constantly Rama naam going and it is said that she developed spontaneous attraction for chanting the name of Rama. So she was hit by lightning and the Yamadutas came to get her, as she was doing so many sinful acts but the Vishnudutas came and drove away the Yamadutas, and they took her and the parrot back to Godhead. So to make the long story short, in the Treta yuga, Hanuman had the rocks float with Lord Rama’s name on it. So like that there are different examples how the holy names worked not only Kali yuga but allllll the yogas. But now the other processes yagnas, temple worship and meditation are hopeless because people of Kali yuga are so fallen, so for them the only hope is Harer naam Harer naam Harer naama evah kevalam, Kalau naastyaiva naastyaiva, naastyaiva gatir anyatha!

Question: In the chapter 10 of Caitanya Bhagavat Thakur Vrndavandas refers to Murari Gupta as Rudra (Lord Shiva). We also know Murari Gupta as Hanumanji. What is the relation between these personalities? Lokabandhu Ramabhadra das.

Guru maharaj: You see we would like questions to be asked on today’s topic. You have given us a reference that says that Murari Gupta is Hanuman but also he is Rudra. So you can give mail that reference to me, him being Rudrae, and I will look it up. Alright?

Question: Please tell us how faithless non-devotees go delivered by Lord Caitanya?

Guru maharaj: Paapi taapi joto chilo, Hari naame uddharilo, taar saakhi Jaagai Madhai. So how Jagai and Madhai were delivered. That answers your question. They were atheists, offensive, they studied shaastras to find out what is the worst thing they can do, and do that! Here it says, to kill your guru you should do that, and so they said they will do that! I cannot mention the things they did. They did all these things and still delivered by Lord Nityananda.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
5 January 2018