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Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan

Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So we now we are going to read the chapter entitled “Srivas removes the speculation about the disease of Nimai”. So before we start the compilation, I will just speak a few words. I was very fortunate to talk to Chaturatma das prabhu and his good wife in Lima, Peru, over the internet. We would like to have some classes also. Now on Facebook I give class is in English. Someone from Russia said that they didn’t understand English. So in Moscow Sri Narayani Radha devi dais is arranging for the translation of English to Russian. So we also need someone to do the translation into Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam to name a few, Hindi, Bengali (is that being done?) We could have simultaneous translations into different languages. Also Shabda Hari wrote to me that he has a 30-day course of how to use social media for half hour a day which will equip someone to make a Bhakti Vriksha group over the internet or to do other outreach programs. So if everybody will use their ability, either participate in one of the existing programs, or to suggest new programs, we would like to expand the Krishna conscious propagation unlimited. So now we had a TOVP meeting this morning which stretched over four continents – North America, UK, India and Australia. So like this we are trying to get the exhibits open by 2022. So I am trying to keep up with all these workloads but my body does not work as fast as my mind! So I need help. Haribol!

One day Srivas Pandit went to Nimai Pandit’s house. As soon as Srivas entered, the Lord rose and offered His obeisances with great care.

Seeing the pure devotee of the Lord, Lord Vishwambhar’s devotional mood and sentiments increased. The hairs of His body stood erect. His eyes were flowing tears of love. There was quivering in His body and His attachment to the Lord increased.

The Lord was performing Tulasi circumambulation but when He saw the pure devotee of the Lord, immediately the Lord fell unconscious.

After some time, the Lord achieved His external consciousness. And He began to cry. He was shivering and shaking in His body and he was not to remain still because of the intenseness of His shivering.

Srivas Pandit saw the wonderful sight and he thought, who thinks that this is a state of madness? This is the highest state of devotion – maha bhakti yoga. This maha bhakti yoga refers to the highest stage of love for Krishna which is called maha bhaava.

When the Lord regained His external consciousness, then the Lord asked Srivas Pandit the following: What do you understand Panditji? What do you think of My behavior? So in other words He is asking Srivas Pandit, what do you think of My condition?

Someone says, He has great insanity. He should be bound up by ropes, Pandit. What does your consciousness think about Me? In Ayurveda, there are three elements, and one element is air, called vaayu. So when the air in the body is disturbed one becomes nervous or even insane. So they said Lord Caitanya was suffering great disturbance of the air which means that He was mad, due to nervous ailment.

Srivas Pandit laughed and said, Your madness is good. What kind of madness You have, I also want the same kind of madness!! So this is the madness of Krishna Prema – pure love for Krishna!

I see, said Srivas Pandit, the greatest, highest, devotional symptoms in Your body. Sri Krishna has certainly bestowed His mercy upon You!

Hearing this from the mouth of Srivas Pandit, He embraced Srivas Pandit in great happiness.

The Lord said, everyone says that I am insane and you alone have praised it! Today I am greatly obliged to you, by your words, I am comforted.

If you have said that I was insane, I would have entered today, Myself in the Ganges. And I would have drowned Myself in the Ganges today.

Srivas Pandit said, Your quality of bhakti yoga, of devotional service, that You displayed, Brahma, Shiva and Shaunak desire, such blessings. So at first the personalities like Brahma, Shiva and the four Kumaras, they wished to enjoy the disease of madness in love of Krishna! Or the pangs of love due to separation of Krishna. So we started a bit late and we will end here. And start from this point tomorrow. 2.119.

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Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
30 December 2018