Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

(The transmission seems to have started abruptly)

I went out on my tricycle and did 800 cycles. And then all these things took a little time, that is why the class is a little late today. Yesterday was His Holiness Bhanu Swami’s appearance day also known as Vyasa puja. So today we offered cake for him and we cut the cake together!! For me there was a different cake which was sugar free, tiny!! So I said that if you can note down, when I give class and note if there are any words that you have difficulty understanding, I need to practice speaking that word better. So please not that word down and give that at the end of the class. I will receive some and others I will send some representative to gather the names. Also, Narayani Radha devi dasi of Moscow (there was a break in audio) audio, so if anyone wants to translate using this program, then tell us and we will send you a copy or will tell you how to get one. We have Facebook in Spanish, Portuguese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, etc. So it would be nice if my classes were translated into these languages and updated on the respective Facebook pages. So now we will continue with the Mahaprabhu is in the house of Advaita Acharya and speaking to Advaita Gosain, actually in His courtyard. You are able to take the material bondage and destroy it. In Your heard Krishna is always manifested.

The Lord knows how to glorify and increase the glories of His devotees. As His devotees treat Him, He treats them accordingly. The Supreme Lord who is controlled by the love of His devotees knows how to increase the influence and glories of His devotees. Those who are devoid of devotee association, they do not understand this. So just as devotees render various loving devotional service out of respect and love for their worshipable Lord, the Lord who is the life soul of His devotees also tries to render some personal services for His devotees. That explains His affection and loving relationship with His devotees. Not that the Lord is saying that He is not the ultimate worshipable object but He is displaying His quality of Bhakta vaatsalya. By displaying Bhakta vaatsalya or devotion for His devotees, He is showing how worshipable He is and how His devotees are very fortunate. So He reveals to the world how the devotees and Him have a very special relationship. It is reverential from the devotees’ side and loving from His side. Hare Krishna!

So Advaita was thinking to Himself, You show cleverness. I have already stolen from the thief! So Advaita was thinking that You are hiding Your identify like a thief hides his identity but I have successfully glorified You. I have recognized You and Your most confidential supremacy, while serving You while You were unconscious. Your actual identity was manifest to Me. In other words, I realized that You are Vrajendra Nandan. I have exposed to everyone that You are the covered Fountainhead of all the incarnations. In this way Lord Advaita thought that He had outsmarted the Lord Vishwambhar. Actually the Lord is One but He is like a candle which can light may other candles. All the candles have the same candle power but one is the original. So Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead. And Advaita is His expansion. But they have got some simultaneously one and different personalities. Krishna can understand everything and He exhibits His will through His expansions. That is why they say that there is one God but He has unlimited forms. So we are seeing something which is unfathomable. On one hand Krishna and Mahavishnu are non-different but Krishna can know Mahavishnu but Mahavishnu cannot know everything about Krishna. So how this works is beyond our ability to understand but we are seeing here how the same person in different forms is thinking differently.

Thereafter Advaita smiled and said something in response. Oh Vishwambhar, You are to Me greater than all!

I want to stay here and discuss topics of Lord Krishna with You happily! So that I can see You all the time!

All the vaishnavas have the desire to see You, and along with You chant the holy names of Krishna.

The Lord happily accepted the words of Advaita, greatly happy! And accepting the words of Advaita, He went to His home.

Advaita knew that the Lord had revealed Himself by manifesting Himself, but yet to test Him, Advaita went to His house in Shantipur.

Truly if He is My Master, if I am His servitor, then He will bind Me and bring Me to His side.

Who has the power to understand the heart of Advaita Gosain? By whose influence, by whose potency, Lord Caitanya descended.

If someone who doesn’t have faith in these topics, then he will achieve fall down and you can know this for sure. To understand the personality of Advaita it is extremely difficult even for the so called learned scholars. Advaita Prabhu is the plenary portion of Maha Vishnu who lies in the causal ocean. He brought Sriman Caitanya Mahaprabhu, His supremely worshipable Lord, to the world and made Him visible thru and easily accessible to the world. He is attainable for everyone, simply by the mercy of Advaita Gosain who can bring down the original personality of Vrajendra Nandan, the Supreme Lord, the cause of all causes. So Advaita Acharya is also non-different from Sri Hari and He gives the people of this world a chance to know Caitanyadev, Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is the supreme distributor of Krishna Prema or love of Krishna. So the mercy of Advaita to the living entities to bring down Gaura and Nitai, is to mitigate the suffering of all the conditioned souls, who remain in this material world since time immemorial. So if a soul becomes faithless and doesn’t accept His mercy, he doesn’t enter into this confidential understanding of the Lord, then he immediately becomes degraded. In other words, he is deprived of his piety or good karmas.

Every day Mahaprabhu Vishwambhar engaged in the sankirtan, the congregational chanting of Krishna’s holy names in the company of all the vaishnavas. Hare Krishna!

That is end of the 49th chapter of Krishna Caitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead as a devotee, in the matter of Vishwambhar and Gadaadhar meet Advaita Acharya.

Any questions?

Question: Iswari Lalita devi dasi: Since when has Advaita Acharya been knowing that Lord Vishwambhar is His worshipable Lord? Is it after the incident when Lord Vishwambhar came in His dream?

Guru maharaj: When Advaita Gosain knew that Vishwambhar was Krishna, is a good question. When Lord Caitanya as a small boy came to get His older brother for lunch, Vishwarupa, all the people looked at Vishwambhar and Advaita, He said that when the body is alive everybody watches it. When the soul leaves the body and the body is dead nobody cares. What he was indicating is that, Vishwambhar was the soul of the universe. So when He knew is – He may have always known, but sometimes He was able to vocalize it more, because now Vishwambhar wanted to reveal to His intimate devotees who He was, so that they would be fearless and chant even though the atheists were objecting and criticizing. So sometimes it appears like They are separate and sometimes they act as one. So it is very difficult to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His dealings with Himself. Hare Krishna!

So are there any words that you are finding difficulty in understanding?

The repeater read out the words online which were difficult to understand.

Thank you.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
3 January 2019