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Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we are continuing reading the compilation of the Krishna Caitanya Book. We hope you all had an auspicious 26th January 2019 in India!! Today is the Republic day in India. We wish every day to be Krishna conscious!! So today I did not have any physio or voice therapists. We did on our own, with Shubhanga Govinda das. Doing some exercises with me. I went cycling today and did more than 550 cycles. We had Charu Hasini Radhika and Ekarani counting the steps, cycles. This evening we had class with girls ashrams, centers in Manipal, Jamshedpur and Calicut, and maybe somewhere else. Now we will continue with the class. Devagauranga das will read the Bengali and I will give the translation and commentary.

Whoever disobeys the order of Caitanya Simha, the lion like Lord Caitanya, anyone who blasphemes a vaishnava, will obtain bondage – chapter 22, verse 120, Madhya Kanda, Caitanya Bhagavat.

Now hear with full attention! the explanation of the reason why Lord Caitanya, Gaurachandra, He performed this pastime.

Sri Sachinandan knows the past, present and future. So He knew that some miscreants would worship Advaita prabhu, and neglect Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

They would glorify Advaita as Lord Shri Krishna, criticizing the words of the vaishnavas!

The sinners would transgress the instructions of Lord Caitanya and ridicule those who would call Advaita Gosain as the topmost vaishnava.

So Advaita prabhu is an expansion of Mahavishnu and Sadashiva. He came as a topmost vaishnava. So Lord Caitanya praised Shri Advaita prabhu as being a great vaishnava, and not directly Krishna. So the sinful offenders, will offend Advaita prabhu, by opposing this explanation of Advaita prabhu as a great devotee.

Advaita Gosain, He doesn’t take the side of these people, and there isn’t such a power after seeing this pastime of punishment.

Vishwambhar is the crown jewel of omniscient persons. So He knew that further delay would produce such, many more sinful people like this.

Therefore, He gave His own mother punishment, in the presence of Advaita and other vaishnavas, and so on.

Whoever does a vaishnava blasphemy, no one is able to protect him. So it describes here that if a disciple blasphemes other vaishnavas, the disciple of a vaishnava blasphemes another vaishnava, then the vaishnava guru will not condone or protect such a disciple. Nityananda is non-different from Balaram, the brother of Krishna, and Advaita is His expansion’s expansion. Therefore, Advaita does not approve of the philosophy that He is greater than, that He is Krishna. So if a spiritual master is a person who engages in blaspheming the vaishnavas or condones his disciples who are blaspheming the vaishnavas, certainly becomes degraded! So of all the offences, one should be very careful to avoid vaishnava aparadh!! Lord Caitanya protects us from all other offences up to a large extent, but this offence of a vaishnava is something very serious! So no one is able to protect any of his followers, who engage in blasphemy of the vaishnavas.

So the deliverance of the spiritual master, whose followers engage in the blasphemy of vaishnavas, is doubtful.

If he is a very highly qualified, highly advanced in Krishna consciousness, then he can protect himself. But if he is weaker, along with his followers who are engaged in vaishnava aparadh, he falls down along with them. Hebbi! Heavy (in English)!

Who has the power to understand Lord Caitanya’s punishment? He cautioned everyone by punishing His mother, as an example.

One who calls Advaita as a vaishnava, if he is criticized, or quarreled with, he is destroyed, he is finished! So Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur says, those who identify Shri Advaita as Krishna, rather than accept Him as a topmost vaishnava, certainly transform into blasphemy of Shri Advaita prabhu. So the destruction of such blasphemers is guaranteed!

Shri Gaurangasundar is the Supreme Lord of all Lords. And to be known as His follower, is a great honor or great privilege.

Lord Caitanya, Lord Gaurachandra addressed Nityananda Swarup, without hesitation, as Ishwara or the Supreme Lord!

By the mercy of Lord Nityananda, one can know Gaurachandra. By the mercy of Lord Nityananda one can recognize a vaishnava. So Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur said that by the mercy of Lord Nityananda one can recognize vaishnavas, headed by Advaita Acharya. And only by the mercy of Lord Nityananda can one understand that Shri Gaurachandra is Lord Krishna Himself.

By the mercy of Lord Nityananda, one’s offences are destroyed. By the mercy of Lord Nityananda, one attains pure devotional service to the Supreme Lord. So by the mercy of Shri Nityananda, the offences committed by the wicked people who wrongly eulogize Advaita prabhu, are destroyed – the offences are destroyed. By the mercy of Lord Nityananda one’s inclination toward the service of the Supreme Lord is increased!

Lord Nityananda’s servitors don’t engage in the blasphemy of devotees. Day and night, they sing the glories of the Lord Caitanya, with great happiness!

Lord Nityananda’s devotees are very careful. Those servants of Lord Nityananda prabhu know Lord Caitanya, as their life and wealth!

Less fortunate people are not able to become Lord Nityananda’s servitors, by whose mercy one can understand Gaurachandra’s appearance.

One who hears the topics regarding Vishwarup, becomes Lord Ananta deva’s servant. Nityananda becomes his very life and soul!

Nityananda and Vishwarup – there is no difference between them. Mother Sachi knows this, and some other sober, serious devotees know this fact. So Lord Nityananda prabhu and Vishwarup are not actually separate. Shri Sachi devi was fully aware of this. Vishwarup receiving spiritual instruction, under the guidance of Advaita, doesn’t mean that Shri Nityananda prabhu was subordinate to Advaita. This is extremely unreasonable.

This ends the chapter entitled, explanation of the offence of Mother Sachi.

Any questions?

Question: How can we understand certainly that someone has committed an aparadh or blasphemy?

Guru maharaj: Any reference to a vaishnava, by his material previous activities, or his material features, or any excessive eulogy, where you are calling him as God, such things are offensive, or blasphemy.

Question: How can we get mercy of Lord Nityananda?

Guru maharaj: Pray to Him or worship Him, and the spiritual master is considered as His dear servitor, so by following a vaishnava, spiritual master, who is surrendered to Nityananda prabhu, one can get His mercy!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
26 January 2019