Nama Om…
Hari Haraaya Naama Krishna Yadavaya Naamahari, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudhan
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today we are continuing on pastimes of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. This morning my physiotherapist did not come because he had to attend some wedding. So Shubhanga das brahmachari, he did various exercises with me. Then I went cycling and Ekarani devi dasi counted the cycles and other devotees also came along. Radha Rajeshwari dd was present. Then I had voice therapy with Lakshmi Narayan and then after lunch made our local devotees, Guru Sevanandini mataji and then took a little rest and this afternoon I did some more therapy. I met the TMC, the Temple Management Council and the initiation committee. So I was very happy to hear about the Chennai temple almost doubled their books. How they have over 100 bhakti vriksha groups and you can get special Shuddha Satva prasad from Swiggy and Zomato! So very exciting meeting. And how the National Bhakti Vriksha gathering was held in Chennai this year. So I was able to attend by Skype or Zoom or something. Tomorrow 6 – 7 we should have a special class with a different groups of universities around the country. Then we will have the normal class, 8 – 9 pm. So today we will continue.

Vishwarup, He gave up all the happiness of worldly enjoyment and constantly associated with Advaita Gosain. He was joyfully passing His time!

Topics regarding Vishwarup were discussed in the Adi Khanda. He is non-different from Nityananda prabhu, therefore His characteristics, His character, is unlimited.

The Supreme Lord knows the desire of the Supreme Lord! Vishwarup in a few days, He took sanyas.

So He was known in the vaishnava world as Shri Shankaraaranya and He traversed the path of devotional service to Lord Shri Krishna and He became known as the greatest of all, or the topmost vaishnava! So by the association of Sri Advaita Gosain, Shri Vishwarup left home and traversed the path of devotional service. His sanyas names was Shankaraaranya. Therefore, when mother Sachi saw that her son had left home, He took sanyas, she became unhappy with Advaita prabhu. She did not publicly criticize the behavior of Advaita prabhu nevertheless she enacted the pastime of committing of an offence against Advaita prabhu.

I think that this pastime of Vishwarup taking sanyas was covered in the Adi Leela. Because then Lord Caitanya was still a small boy. Anyway, Vishwarup, He took the sanyas danda and left home. So mother Sachi devi’s heart was constantly filled with grief.

She thought when she became steady, because of Advaita, my son was induced to leave home.

Yet out of fear of committing a vaishnav offence mother Sachi did not say anything but She kept her grief within.

When She saw her son, Vishwambhar, mother Sachi forgot all Her distress! And the Lord, He tried to increase His mother’s happiness.

After the Lord revealed Himself in due course of time, He constantly enjoyed His pastimes with Advaita.

Lord Vishwambhar rejected all worldly happiness. He gave up the association of Lakshmi, Vishnu Priya, and He constantly passed His time in the house of Advaita Gosain. Since Gaura Hari rejected the company of His wife, or gave up the association of Vishnu Priya, who was non-different from Lakshmi devi, He passed His time with Advaita Prabhu, so Sachi devi’s apathy towards Advaita prabhu started to increase.

When mother Sachi saw that Her son was not staying at home, she said, Advaita Gosain has also taken away this son!

Because mother Sachi was in this great grief, She said, who says Advaita, Dvaita is what actually this Gosain should be called!

One of My sons who is like the moon, He induced Him to leave home. And now this son, He is not leaving Him in peace!

Mother Sachi said I am a widow; no one has compassion on Me. He is known to the world as Advaita but He has bewildered me in the network of duality.

This was Her only offence, nothing else! Aar kichhu noi. Because of this reason the Lord did not bestow upon Her devotional service to Krishna. So in an angry mood Sachi devi said, now I have only one son left in my family! Since by His counsel Advaita prabhu engaged my other son in accepting sanyas, I have been deprived of His service. Now He is giving counsel to my other son. Even though Advaita is known as Advaita to the world, He is covering me with the network of illusion. So Advaita means non-different and dvaita means duality. So in this way Sachi devi enacted the pastime of being averse to the service of the Supreme Lord as a result of her offence.

Let those who consider some vaishnavas superior and some inferior, remain free from anxiety for now. But they will learn in the future.

Using His mother as an example, the Lord who is the shiksha guru of everyone, cautioned everyone about vaishnava offence. So the Lord, He was instructing that Advaita should be accepted as a vaishnava. That He is not Bhagavan Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the original personality of Godhead, He is an expansion. So some people speculate His position compared to Nityananda prabhu’s. So all these things are offensive. We should refer to the revealed scriptures to understand their position. Hare Krishna!

So we will stop here and continue tomorrow. Are there any questions on these verses?

Question: Vijaya Radha devi dasi: Did Mother Sachi ever get to see Vishwarup after He took sanyas?

Guru maharaj: We didn’t hear about it. She saw Vishwambhar at Shantipur and maybe some other places as well. But we haven’t read about mother Sachi seeing Vishwarup. Lord Caitanya traversed south India on the pretext of looking for His brother.

Question: Phaneshwari Lakshmi devi dasi: Yesterday you said that Vishwarup went everywhere and there was no devotional service being practiced. Was there no devotional service or chanting of Hare Krishna before advent of Mahaprabhu?

Guru maharaj: It was said that people were completely absorbed in material consciousness. If they had money, they would spend on marrying their daughter, and try to show that they could have a greater marriage festival for their daughter than others. But some got defeated, because they had no more daughter to get married off. He would then marry a male female dog or male female cat, just to show that he was a better person!! So there were all kinds of things.

Question: Generally, how do we understand that why would Lord Caitanya look for His brother particularly after sanyas?

Guru maharaj: Why not? He wanted to find out what happened to His brother. Finally, He found His brother’s samadhi in Vittala’s place. But that was the excuse to traverse South India and give mercy to the South Indians! Haribol! How many are happy that the Lord came to South India? Haribol! Devotees can raise their hands up (guru maharaj raised both his hands) Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
25January 2019